Sarah Jessica Parker was 'upset' about Kim Cattrall's return to And Just Like That

She shared her feelings on the surprise cameo this week

Sarah Jessica Parker Kim Cattrall And Just Like That
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When And Just Like That season two hit our screens a couple of weeks ago, we were feeling more than ready. It feels like an absolute age since we saw those leaked outfit shots (ahem, that pigeon bag anyone?) and Sex and the City fans were keen to find out what all those Carrie and Aidan photos were all about

However, one question that has been on the lips of every diehard SATC viewer is whether or not the one and only Kim Cattrall would ever return to reprise her role as Samantha Jones. 

In recent years, Kim hasn't shied away from discussing her experience on the show and has called her relationship with SJP 'toxic'. 

But when HBO called her about a cameo in the second season of the spin-off, she agreed to come back on one condition

While the details of her return have been kept tightly under wraps, Kim did share that she worked alongside original show costume designer Patricia Field for the bit which is set to air soon. According to the New York Post, the cameo was even a surprise to those on set with Kim's name left off call sheets during filming. 

Last week, SJP said that she was thrilled about Kim's part telling Entertainment Tonight: "I was really excited about the idea. I thought it was a really good idea and I was thrilled that, you know, we could make it happen and that it worked for her and it's just really nice to see. It's really nice. I was really pleased."

But she has since admitted that the leak of Samantha's return did leave her feeling 'upset'.

During an interview on SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live, she shared: "[I] couldn’t have been more upset.

"It’s a big bummer because it would’ve been so like fireworks in the middle, you know, and also because we want to make sure that expectations are real.

"Like it’s a little exchange that is happy and it says everything about their relationship and all the stuff that’s off camera.

"Like yeah, they’re talking. They talk all the time, and it comes at a significant moment of the series so…"

While SJP fears the cat has been let out of the bag, the news of Samantha's return has done nothing but excite viewers who cannot wait to see her back in the SATC universe. 

We are SO ready. 

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