Joe Alwyn has opened up about his "close" friendship with Emma Stone

Emma Stone and Joe Alwyn at a photo call for 2018 film The Favourite
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Joe Alwyn is one of the most talked-about people in the world, with his new film Kinds of Kindness already tipped for Oscar buzz.

It is his former relationship with Taylor Swift that is still making him the most headlines however, with the pair dating for six and a half years before confirming their break up last year.

Since their 2023 split, it has been reported that Swift's friends have distanced themselves from the British actor, but it seems there is one person in the singer's circle who is still close with Alwyn.

We are of course talking about Swift's longtime friend, Emma Stone.

The 35-year-old Academy Award winner has been close with Swift since their teenage years, with Speak Now's 'When Emma Falls in Love' thought to be about Stone.

Emma Stone and Joe Alwyn at Cannes Film Festival

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However, despite their close friendship, it seems that Stone also has loyalty to Alwyn, having worked together on multiple occasions.

The two acted alongside each other in 2018's The Favourite, and have reunited this year on Yorgos Lanthimos' Kinds of Kindness - hitting cinemas later this month.

“I love Joe," Stone has said of Alwyn in a press release ahead of the film's release. "We had to do some pretty dark stuff on this one, so it was extremely comforting to be with him because he’s one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.”

Alwyn later returned the compliment at the premiere of Kinds of Kindness, telling Entertainment Tonight how much he values her friendship.

“I’m so lucky to be close to her, she’s just the best," he explained. "She’s obviously wildly talented and she’s just the best.”

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

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Alwyn has also spoken out recently about his relationship with Swift for the first time, revealing how difficult it was to navigate their 2023 break up.

“I would hope that anyone and everyone can empathise and understand the difficulties that come with the end of a long, loving, fully committed relationship of over six and a half years”, Alwyn explained in the recent interview with The Sunday Times. “That is a hard thing to navigate.”

He continued: “What is unusual and abnormal in this situation is that, one week later, it’s suddenly in the public domain and the outside world is able to weigh in. So you have something very real suddenly thrown into a very unreal space: tabloids, social media, press, where it is then dissected, speculated on, pulled out of shape beyond recognition.

“And the truth is, to that last point, there is always going to be a gap between what is known and what is said,” he went on to add. “I have made my peace with that.”

We will continue to update this story.

Kinds of Kindness is set for release on June 28 2004.

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