Once you see the velvet lash trend, you’ll never look back

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  • The autumn/winter trend has finally made it's way up from our boots to our lashes...

    It’s the ‘darling’ fabric of the fashion world right now and we want everything to be made from it. Our boots. Our coat. Our cushions. Our sofa. Needless to say, velvet has made an appearance (or several) during our fashion hauls. And now, it’s making it’s way into our beauty routine. Known as velvet lashes, the latest trend is all about making your mascara look as soft as feathers. And we’re loving it!

    Through a mix of bright colours, eyeliner and your best mascara (find your perfect one here if you haven’t already), this new technique of applying your eye make-up can transform your whole look. In fact, this isn’t the first time velvet lashes have hit our radar. Last year, both Max Factor and No7 launched velvet lash mascaras. Although, these were more the feel of velvet rather than the actual effect of velvet.

    Not to be confused with velvet lash extensions, the way to get these velvet lashes is to actually paint your lashes with coloured mascara. Then, take a small, fine brush and a coloured pigment and gently apply it to your lashes while the mascara is wet. If you don’t have a pure pigment powder, scrape one of your eyeshadow pots so that it becomes a powder.

    To finish it all off, line your eyes with the best liquid eyeliner you have (it can’t crumble). Then, press the powder pigment into it. This will give you a soft, velvet look.



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