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The best liquid eyeliner to accentuate your peepers

Because nothing makes eyes pop like a flick of the black stuff…

When it comes to actually applying liquid eyeliner, there are two types of women in this world. The first can apply liquid eyeliner like a ninja; hand steady as a board. Then there’s the other type, who ends up with smudges rather than precise lines. Sadly, this is the camp the majority of us (Team Marie Claire members included) fall into. However, there is a best liquid eyeliner for everyone.

Regardless of whether you possess a natural proficiency in liquid liner application, it is something that can be worn by everyone. If your eyes are hooded, you’ll need to keep the colour quite close to your lashes and make sure you look dead-ahead into a mirror when plotting the end of your wing.

Meanwhile very rounded-up eyes benefit from a more rigid, bolder, wing and as for almond eyes, well, you hit the genetic jackpot. Any liner looks good on you.

Read on as we chart the best liquid eyeliner to help you nail those feline flicks and winged eyes. Trust us when we say it’s your one-way ticket to easy glamour…

How to apply liquid eyeliner

To truly make your eyes pop, your eyeliner should hug the lash line. So apply it as close as possible to the root of your eyelashes – slow and steady is key. You may find it helpful to stretch your eyelid a little taut in order to reach your lash line, but be sure not to pull your lid too tight.

You also shouldn’t forget about your waterline. Ensure you fill this in to avoid the obvious strip of exposed flesh and complete the look.

Best waterproof liquid eyeliner

Barry M Liquid Eye Liner, £4.79, Boots

best liquid liner Barry M Liquid Eye Liner

Coming in at just under a fiver, Barry M’s waterproof formula is easy to apply, compact, and comes in a proper ‘Super Gloss’ black. It also sticks to its promise and is completely waterproof. Designer make-up enthusiasts will also love Marc Jacobs’ aptly named waterproof Magic Marc’er.

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Best liquid eyeliner for beginners

Clinique Pretty Easy Liner, £19.50, Fabled

best liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner beginners will love this Clinique felt tip. Its super thin nib makes light work of drawing a thin, elegant line along the bottom of your lid and creating a seamless cat eye flick. For a bolder and thicker line, drag more of the felt tip along your lid by holding the pen on its side. Simples.

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Best liquid eyeliner pen

Kat Von D ‘Tattoo Liner’ Liquid Eyeliner, £16, Debenhams

best liquid eyeliner Kat Von D

Kat Von D’s Tattoo liner has an impressive cult following. The reason? It’s damn good. Not only is it a joy to use, but it’s called tattoo for a reason. It creates a deep black line that won’t budge unless you really want it to – a bit like the tats that Kat Von D creates at her parlour in the US.

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Best smudge proof liquid eyeliner

Estée Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Liquid Eyeliner, £23, Fabled

best liquid eyeliner Estee Lauder Double Wear

Estée Lauder’s Double Wear range, including foundations and concealers, has one soul purpose: to last and last. Their  Zero-Smudge liner is no different . It is super long-wearing and will get you from bathroom mirror, to desk, to dinner, to dancing.

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Best long lasting liquid eyeliner

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Liquid Eyeliner, £24.50, Fabled

best liquid eyeliner long wear

Everybody knows and trusts Bobbi Brown. It’s wearable, reliable and long-wearing. From its cream eye shadow to its foundation, they’ve all earned their place in the beauty hall of fame. And we think this liner deserves the same praise. The Long Wear liquid liner has an ultra fine tip, and the long-handled applicator makes drawing along your lash line simple. Each shade has a slight sparkle to it, which catches the light beautifully.

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Best liquid eyeliner for sensitive eyes

The Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner, £9, The Body Shop

best liquid eyeliner The Body Shop

There’s one liquid liner that’s constantly heralded by sensitive-eyed beauty reviewers (the Mumsnet community included), and that’s The Body Shop’s. Weepy-eyed women of the web cite this as the best liquid eyeliner for sensitive eyes because it’s non-irritating and won’t sting. But don’t think that this means that it sacrifices the colour pay off. No, no, no. It has a stunning dark matte black finish that’ll suit all colours. If you suffer with sensitive eyes it’s definitely worth a go.

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Best liquid eyeliner for oily lids

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner, £14.50, Fabled

best liquid eyeliner Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

We’re sure we don’t need to tell you that oily eyelids are a royal pain in the derrière. There’s nothing worse than labouring over a smokey eye or perfectly blended shimmer wash only for it to slide off your lids and go all over the place a couple of hours later. (F.Y.I you should also invest in a good eyelid primer. Check out our definitive list on the best primer for any occasion.) In terms of liners though – opt for a heavy duty waterproof formula, like Stila’s Stay All Day liner.

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Best liquid eyeliner colours

Kiko Milano Super Colour Eyeliner, £6.90 Kiko Milano


best liquid eyeliner Kiko Milano

Sometimes a black line just isn’t jazzy enough. Sometimes what your beauty look needs is a pop of colour. Whether that means investing in a green mascara or keeping it a little more subtle with a thin line of bright poppy colour along your upper lid. Kiko Milano’s Super Colour Eyeliners are brilliant for three reasons: they are dead easy to use, they come in 11 stunning shades and they’re under £10. Win.

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Scroll through our round up below of more of the best liquid eyeliner formulas for every budget.

Happy shopping!

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