Eyebrow tinting: the low-maintenance beauty treatment to speed up your morning routine

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It’s not everyday that a TikTok beauty trend speaks to me, but the latest movement of people taking to the platform to share the high-maintenance beauty rituals (like microblading) that they prioritise in order to be more low-maintenance in the morning has really resonated with me. After all, I am a self-confessed lazy beauty editor; so if I get even a whiff of something that might help me feel and look more put-together with minimal effort on my part then I’m in. Step forward my new favourite treatment: eyebrow tinting.

While I’m happy to wear minimal makeup most days (mainly due to time constraints rather than actual desire) my brows are a non-negotiable part of my getting-ready routine each day. Even if I go entirely makeup-free I will always use a pencil and brow gel to shape my brows and fill in any sparse areas. Without my brows done I just don’t feel ready to face the day. 

And it seems that many others feel the same—many of the high-maintenance rituals being shared on TikTok related to brows, whether it was shaping, microblading, or brow lamination. For me? It’s the filling of my brows that takes up the most time of a morning so I decided to book in at Blink Brow Bar for a spot of eyebrow tinting to see how much of a game-changer it might be.

Ahead, everything you need to know about the treatment—including my before and after pictures—and expert answers to every question that you might have thought of asking ahead of booking a brow tint.

What is a brow tint? 

“Eyebrow tinting is clever and easy way to enhance your natural brows and create more brow definition,” explains Jaimineey Patel, Head of Education at Blink Brow Bar (BBB London). “Using semi-permanent dye that darkens the brow hairs, the treatment helps to define even the lightest or finest of hairs that can’t always be seen to create a fuller shape.”

It's essentially like getting your hair semi-permanently coloured. 

Who is a brow tint for?

Simply put, brow tints work well for everyone. “Tinting is a great solution for everyone looking to enhance and balance the colour of their brows, and it also works perfectly to cover greys, add definition and to achieve a fuller brow,” says Jaimineey. 

While I have friends with blonde brows who swear by brow tints, I have very dark brows naturally so have always wondered how worthwhile it is for me. But Jaimineey assures me that it works well on all brow colours. “Tinting can actually enhance dark brows to appear fuller with a glossy finish,” explains Jaimineey. 

What happens during the treatment?

“Before every brow tint, your therapist will talk you through the process and discuss the desired colour you are looking to achieve,” says Jaimineey. I mentioned to my therapist that I have had brow tints in the past where they haven’t been dark enough—the individual hairs on my brows are almost black, but lots of therapists have been reluctant to go that dark and it’s meant that my treatment hasn’t been that impactful.

“Choosing the right shade is important, and we work with your natural tones to lift the colour. It is important to assess the timing the tint is left on to develop based on the colour you want to achieve. Different hair texture, for example grey, coarse hairs may take longer to colour, finer hairs will develop quickly,” explains Jaimineey.

Once I'd settled into the chair, my therapist cleansed my brows and applied a barrier cream around the brow hairs to prevent it from staining my skin. She then mixed up the chosen tint colour—we went for a dark brown with a smidge of black—and it was applied to my brows and left to develop. At this point I was treated to a mini head massage which was divine, and something that I've never experienced when having my brows done. Big tick for Blink Brow Bar.

The tint was then removed after about four or five minutes and, as I was happy with the colour, my therapist then applied some aloe vera gel and proceeded to thread my brows into shape. Simple.

Eyebrow tinting - before and after


a picture of Mica Ricketts Before she had her tint done

Mica before she had her eyebrow tinting

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My natural brows are quite sparse in patches and lack definition.


Mica Ricketts After brow tint

Mica before she had her eyebrow tinting

(Image credit: Mica Ricketts)

After the eyebrow tinting my brows looked fuller and much more defined. I was amazed at how sparse patches were almost unnoticeable and my brow hairs looked thicker and glossier.

What are the risks of a brow tint?

Brow tints are a pretty low-risk beauty treatment and entirely pain-free, which is great if you’re new to these kinds of rituals. However, any reputable treatment provider will recommend that you get a patch test ahead of time. I visited Blink Brow Bar a couple of days before my treatment to get mine, and it literally took seconds.

“During the patch test, a small amount of powder and developer is applied to cleansed skin,” explains Jaimineey. “If you have any redness or itchiness after your patch test, then you may have an allergy to the product and you cannot continue with the treatment. If you have no reaction to the patch test, it is highly unlikely you will experience a reaction afterwards.”

How long does a brow tint last?

Generally speaking, a brow tint should last up to 6 weeks. Although this does depend on how fast your brow hairs grow, how you take care of your brows, and what skincare products you use.

“It can depend on your skin type, your skincare routine, and how much you are exposed to the sun, as it has a bleaching effect,” says Jaimineey. They suggest avoiding strong makeup removers around your brows to extend the longevity of your tint, and skipping things like exfoliating acids in that area will help prolong the wear too. 

“If you want to maintain results or top them up between appointments, the BBB London Complete At-Home Tint Kit is a quick and easy way to tint your brows at home, and those results last up to six weeks too.”

How much does a brow tint cost?

The price of a brow tint varies between £10 to £40, depending on where you are in the country, the expertise of your therapist, how personalised the service is, and how in-depth your pre-tint consultation is. Blink Brow Bar charge £20 for a brow tint, or £44 for a brow shape and tint which is what I had.

Is a brow tint worth it?

While it has been years since I last had a brow tint, I’ve been so impressed by the results of this one that I’ll definitely be back in six weeks for a top-up. It has saved me so much time on my morning routine as I’m happy with how my brows look from the second I wake up, and even if I was going out for the night I still think I’d only apply a slick of clear brow gel just to add some feathery texture. I’m definitely converted. 

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