Best makeup setting spray: keep your makeup in place no matter what

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    The best makeup setting spray is powerful. It has the ability to keep your makeup in place from morning until night. No matter what’s thrown at your face.

    From heatwaves and sweat, to dehydration and rain, these beauties prevent smearing and smudging. Whilst the best primer definitely helps hold everything in place, the best makeup setting spray adds that extra layer of assurance.

    It used to be common practice for people to use hairspray instead (especially theatre performers). Not only is this completely unnecessary now because of the amazing formulas that we have available to us now, but it should this be avoided at all costs. The ingredients in hairspray can be detrimental to your skin’s health.

    Also, the best makeup setting spray is different to the best face mist, so be wary when shopping to buy the right one for your needs.

    best makeup setting spray

    How do you use the best makeup setting spray?

    The key to making the best makeup setting spray as efficacious as possible is the application.

    With some makeup setting sprays you can actually apply it before you apply your makeup, but most are used afterwards. Be sure to check the back of the bottle before using.

    • First things first, apply your makeup – mascara, lipstick, the whole shebang.
    • Next up, shake the bottle really well before use. This is important, because you want all of the ingredients to be thoroughly mixed before spraying.
    • Hold your hand at least 8″-10″ (about arm’s length) away from your face. You really don’t want to soak your face.
    • Close your eyes and mouth. Lightly mist your face, making sure that you spray evenly, covering every bit of your face. This might take quite a few sprays.
    • Allow it to dry naturally, do not rub. It shouldn’t take too long, but it’s essential that it dries down on its own to lock in your look.

    If you find that your makeup tends to slip by mid-afternoon, you’ll really see the benefits of adding the best makeup setting spray into your routine.

    Here’s our roundup of the best on the market…

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