A celebrity make-up artist just shared her top tips for getting the perfect winged eyeliner every time

And they really work

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It's no secret that winged eyeliner is tricky. It doesn't matter whether you have the best eyeliner in the world, it's still easy to make a mistake.

That being said, this make-up trend has been in style for years now, and so here at Maire Claire UK, we are keen to learn how to get the perfect winged eyeliner every single time.

Luckily, celebrity make-up artist Nikki Wolff has shared her top eyeliner tips, and after trying them out ourselves, we can confirm that they really do work.

Keep on scrolling for Nikki's eyeliner hacks, and don't forget to add a layer of your best mascara to complete the look.

1. Use an eye primer

First things first, apply an eye primer before your eyeshadow and eyeliner. "I always use an eye primer in everything that I do," says Wolff. "I find that if you use a primer then everything is going to stay on really well, and your eye products won't crease.

"Because we have natural oils on our lids, and sometimes a little dryness, you don't get quite as much of an even blend when you put products on a bare lid."

2. Create the shape with a pencil first

Wolff also recommends using an eye pencil to draw out the shape first, before going in with your liquid liner. 

"This is how I first learnt to do eyeliner in my teens. If you use a pencil beforehand (the Armani Smooth Silk Eye Pencil being my go-to), and you sketch along the lash line and blend it out, it will help to shape your liquid liner. You can use a finger, a brush or even a cotton bud to blend it out into a wing, then you can follow that with your eyeliner to make it easier."

3. Keep your eyes open when applying your eyeliner

Now, onto the winged eyeliner itself. Nikki advises to keep your eyes open when applying the product, as that way you can get the straightest line. When trying these tips out for ourselves, this was the one that we found made the most difference because you can actually see what shape you are creating, and what it will look like once you are done.

4. Start from the centre of the lid and apply outwards

Another tip that we found made a huge difference was to start from the centre of the lid and apply outwards. 

"I start from the centre of the lid as that is the part of the lid that is the highest. From that point I follow the line out for a fluid finish," explains Wolff. "If you go from the outside in, you tend to drag the skin a little bit more, then you end up having to go over your eyeliner which means you are creating a thicker line."

So, there you have it. Everything you need to know for the perfect winged eyeliner. Shop our favourite eyeliners below, and give these tips a go.

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