7 things girls with hooded eyelids only know

Warning: there are no solutions here...

hooded eyelids
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Warning: there are no solutions here...

If you're unlucky enough to have hooded eyelids, welcome to my world. The joys that so many people find in eye make-up is completely lost on us and if we wear mascara, you can bet your bottom dollar we look like we've been punched in both eyes by 4pm. But the good thing about hooded eyelids is that... well, actually, there's not a single damn thing that's good about hooded eyelids.

Here's 7 things all hooded eyelids chicks and gents can associate with. I'm not offering any sort of solution, I just want people out there to know that I think it sucks as much as they do.

1. Eyeliner transfer is the bane of your life. It looks amazing for about a second and then you blink...


2. You spend hours applying eyeshadow, only to open your eyes and look as though you haven't applied anything at all. Shut your eyes, there's colour, open them up, it's all gone.


3. Wearing false lashes is a pain in the arse and every time you blink it tickles the skin above your eyelids.


4. Cat-eye flicks will never be your friend. You will never be 'on fleek' as they say, because your flick doesn't go up, it scoops around. Hot.


5. Ruby Rose gives us hope. So does Blake Lively. And Jennifer Lawrence.


6. You'll never know what it's like to have Cara Delevingne's bushy brows, because if you let them grow wild, you would literally have no skin between your lash line and your brows.


7. The flap of skin above your eye is constantly stamped by mascara.


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Natalie Lukaitis