Kate Upton: 7 Updo Hairstyles We Can Copy From The Queen Of Glam

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  • Got a wedding or big event on the horizon? Simply ask WWKUD (What Would Kate Upton Do)? She's the queen of updos and can whip up a chic hairstyle like no one else. Take your pick...

    1. Swept Away

    Kate Upton, we love this. So 90s Sharon Stone and still just as cool today. The relaxed, finger-combed quality makes it look effortless and it really is – arm yourself with some strong hold wax and use your fingers to claw it backwards. Then pull it out so it’s textured and secure with pins where needed. Shows off beachy highlights a treat.

    2. The Punky Bun

    What Kate Upton hasn’t done for the humble quiff isn’t worth mentioning. That height at the front elongates the face, making it look slimmer, and the smooth, mid-height twisted bun is the perfect balance of rockabilly and chic. Keeps black tie edgy.

    3. The Super Slicker

    Wet-look hair, scraped back into the tightest of buns without a flyaway or frizz in sight should look severe but team it with flirty liquid liner, lots of lashes and a full-on red lip and it’s sexy as hell. Be prepared for a lot of male attention (Kate usually is).

    4. The Duchess

    There’s got to be circa a full can of dry shampoo in that barnet to get that much volume. This style is eccentric and a bit off the wall but really sets off an evening gown and glitzy make-up. Backcomb all over the roots and get hair to a fluffy texture with dry shampoo before you pin.

    5. The Faux Bob

    Long hair can get boring but instead of chopping it all off, Kate fakes a bob. Style it in a loose, low pony and tuck the ‘tail’ under, pulling the sides out to create the bob shape. Et voila! A completely new look.

    6. The Messy Beehive

    This looks so good when you’ve got a bit of dark root action going on like Kate does. Hair needs to be dirty and full of styling product so it holds well and then it’s a case of backcombing at the crown and twisting back into a chignon. The side parting is a must and the more it falls over your eye, the hotter it looks.

    7. The Carmen Miranda

    Completely bonkers but we adore it. Kate embraced a full-on costume for the Met Ball but play it down and it could look great in real life too. Twist a silk scarf around on itself tightly and wrap around your head for a statement hair accessory that’s way more interesting than your predictable festival flower garland.

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