Forget lived-in balayage—Palm Beach blonde is the rich-looking hair trend I want

Palm Beach is the new mob wife aesthetic

Leonie Hanne with Palm Beach blonde
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Our obsession with all things old money in 2024 is undeniable. While the mob wife aesthetic reigned supreme at the start of the year, I've spotted a new aesthetic bubbling away on social media as we enter spring/summer—the Palm Beach aesthetic. Call it vapid escapism if you will, but my obsession with the wealthy ladies of Florida's Palm Beach is out of control. I want their luxurious lunches, I want their cars, I want their Birkin bags, and (I even surprised myself with this one) I want the Palm Beach blonde hair trend.

In a world of low-maintenance hair colour trends—I'm talking balayage and linen blonde—the bright Palm Beach blonde look is a statement. Aren't we bored of having to look effortless all the damn time? Forget root smudges and lived-in waves, Palm Beach blonde is high-maintenance, bright, buttery, and it oozes glamour.

To make sure I wasn't just making this all up in my head, I reached out Stéphane Ferreira, hair stylist and colour specialist at Live True London, to see if I could have an expert confirm my thoughts. And, after chatting, I'm willing to say I'm convinced Palm Beach blonde will make waves this season.

So what exactly is it? "It’s a super bright blonde named for Palm Beach, Florida—which means a sun-drenched look," says Stéphane. "It is typically seen with a full head of ultra-lifted highlights—this is a buttery, yellow blonde that looks beach ready."

While experts already predicted that expensive-looking, high-maintenance hair was on the cards for 2024 (mostly in the form of a warm blonde), I'll admit that even I am somewhat surprised to see such intense blonde making a comeback—but honestly I'm here for it. The key to getting it right, however, is all in the care. "For your hair care routine, make sure to opt for hydrating, damage restoring professional hair care so that your hair can stay in smooth, shiny condition. You can also try some purple masks to balance the tone in between hair appointments," says Stéphane.

Palm Beach blonde is bold and statement-making, so it's understandably not for everyone. Having said that, the tone of blonde you opt for can be adapted depending on your skin tone. Stéphane explains: "I recommend steering a bit cooler if you have cool toned skin, with a more neutral blonde, as the yellow tones can make cool undertones look washed out." Plus, if you're not get convinced enough to go for an all-over bleach, you can ease your way in with fewer highlights.

The key? Preventing that brassiness. And, frankly, this is what makes Palm Beach blonde expensive-looking. Keeping blonde of this magnitude from going brassy requires work, time, and money (of course). To get a successful look, Stéphane says you would need very regular salon appointments. "Make sure to keep up to date with your appointments every 4-6 weeks to keep on top of your roots and refresh with a toner to stop the colour going too brassy," he advises.

Shannon Lawlor
Executive Beauty Editor

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