The fox cut is the latest hairstyle all of the cool girls are wearing—and we're here for it

If you love '70s styles, you'll want to take these pics of the fox cut to your stylist

Kelsey Merritt with a fox cut
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The cub cut, the wolf cut, and now the fox cut: you'd be forgiven for feeling a little confused and overwhelmed by all the hair trend buzzwords thrown out by the likes of TikTok these days. 

But to be honest, the fox cut may just be our favourite yet thanks to its glamour and distinct '70s vibes. If you have longer hair in particular, this may just be the perfect autumn hairstyle. 

Here's what you should know about the cub cut.

What is the fox cut?

Laura Elliott, head of education and expert stylist at haircare professionals, Neäl & Wølf, shares that the fox cut is a  direct relative of the wolf cut from 2022. Both feature choppy layers and a distinct '70s feel, but while the wolf is shaggy and jagged at the edges, the fox is sleeker and more polished. 

“We’ve noticed an increase in clients referencing the likes of Matilda Djerf for high volume '70s and '90s hair, which is where the fox cut comes in," she explains. 

The cut does wonders to boost volume and shape, making it a great seasonal switch-up for strands in need of a change. 

Who should try the fox cut?

"The cut is great for those with finer hair as it uses traditional layering techniques to create the illusion of thicker, voluminous hair," notes Laura.

And while it's often seen on long styles, the same technique can of course be applied to shorter hair for added volume and shape. 

You can also add a sweeping fringe to this style for an extra '70s vibe, says Laura: "For those wanting to incorporate subtle fringes, this is the perfect cut to do so. It effortlessly frames the face to give more dimension without any choppy cuts, which means it works well for those with longer faces.”

In terms of styling, this is also a great choice if you like to be fairly low-maintenance from home. 

"The upcoming hair trend is also fairly easy to style, as it just requires a sleek blow dry, which many can do at home, with a smoothing blow-dry balm and a round brush." 

Fox cut inspo

One of the pioneers of the trend, Matilda Djerf undeniably has some of the best hair on the internet. It's '70s chic, personified. 

Bridget Satterlee's beautiful cut proves that the fox style has a much sleeker, more polished vibe in comparison to the wolf.

Taylor Munroe's style features gorgeous choppy long layers, with shorter ones cut into the mix for variation, too. 

The shape of the fox is really shown here, as is the fact this cut looks gorgeous in ombre. 

Content creator Chelsea's stunning peach hue works beautifully with her long, luscious fox cut. 

A red, fringed fox cut—what's not to love?!

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