Rumour has it, these are Meghan Markle's go-to perfumes—and they're the perfect everyday scents

A powerhouse fragrance trio

Meghan Markle at the Invictus Games 2023
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A person's signature scent can be very revealing, whether you favour fresh, light, citrusy fragrances that lift your mood or rich, smoky, woody perfumes that are full of warmth. When it comes to finding out which our favourite celebrities prefer, it's a real eye-opener. So, naturally, we were intrigued to know what Meghan Markle's go-to perfume is. 

There's no doubt that fragrance is a powerful part of our beauty routines. The right one can help us feel polished, put together and energised for the day. Much like our signature earrings or failsafe mascara, we can feel a little lost without it. Meghan agrees, telling the Express in an interview from the archives, "Fragrance is my favourite thing. So much so that if I leave the house and I don’t put any on, I’ll turn around and go back home."

We have a bit of an obsession with royal perfumes in general. While many celebrities shout their beauty routines and skincare buys from the rooftops, the royals tend to be a little more discreet. Luckily for us, we have some very reliable intel on Meghan's best perfumes from before she met Harry, back in her Suits days. 

And it's not just one, but three, fragrances that Duchess Meghan wears regularly. "I alternate between a few scents," she told the Express. "I love Oribe Côte d’Azur Eau de Parfum and both the Wild Bluebell and Wood Sage & Sea Salt Colognes by Jo Malone."

While these three scents are notably different, they all echo Meghan's own crisp, laid-back and elegant style. Shying away from more rich and overpowering fragrances, each of these uplifting and fresh scents would make a perfect everyday perfume. 

1. Oribe Côte D'Azur

2. Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt

3. Jo Malone London Wild Bluebells

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