Penelope Featherington is giving Glossier girl—9 perfumes these main characters would definitely wear

From Lady Whistledown to Daisy Jones, these are the perfume recommendations I'd give to the leading ladies of our time

Main character perfumes
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As a big perfume fan, I think about what my favourite book characters might wear scent-wise quite a lot. In fact, it's sort of my Roman empire. And lately, I've shifted my attention to the main character girlies that are being made/have been made into TV series or movies I also love. I enjoy seeing a character come to life, and it helps me to imagine each one's beauty routine and, thus, how I imagine they'd smell.

My experience with synesthesia also comes into play here—when I read and see words or watch and listen to the characters on TV, my senses become interlaced, and my nose begins to somehow pick up scent. Seeing costumes or reading about a character's personality traits help me to imagine what kind of popular perfumes they'd wear, and thus which they'd opt for if they were shopping amongst us today. 

I've selected some of the most talked-about characters of the moment and in recent history, from Penelope Featerington to Daisy Jones, and shared my findings, based on nothing other than my own personal opinions, of course...

1. Daisy Jones

2. Penelope Featherington

3. Evelyn Hugo

4. Marianne Sheridan

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5. Elizabeth Bennet

6. Solène Marchand

7. Katniss Everdeen 

8. Miranda Priestly 

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