Bob Bob Ricard, Soho, London

Fashion Features & Entertainment Assistant, Josie Ayre, tries out one of Soho's most Instagrammed restaurants...

If you’ve ever heard of this little thing called Instagram (don’t worry if you’ve not, it probably won’t catch on) then you may have stumbled upon the hundreds of almost identical pictures of a button labeled ‘Press for Champagne’. 

If you’re anything like me, your first thought may have been ‘yes, finally such a thing exists’ and secondly, ‘where is this magical place?’ Bob Bob Ricard is the answer; an inconspicuous restaurant in the heart of Soho. 
While there may not be too much fanfare on the outside, Bob Bob Ricard’s Art Deco interior certainly makes up for this. Every inch is 100% Instagrammable, which is high currency in a time where a good amount of Insta-likes is worth more than a mother’s love. We visited on a Sunday afternoon when the restaurant was quiet but rest assured, this is not the kind of place which stays quiet all through the week and is no doubt buzzing with crowds on more sociable nights. The whole room is made up of booths which allow for a discreet meal – I could almost feel all the business deals which had been discussed on my seat – and which all have their own emergency bubbles button.
The main menu is varied, with fish and meat making equal appearances (I’m sure there are vegetarian options, I just didn’t look for them). I went for the Venison tartare starter while my friend, Anna went for the delicate looking crab salad to start. The venison was light and flavoursome and the perfect warm up for the main event – more red meat. 
 We both ordered the Sunday roast of a roast rump cap of born-fed Arkansas beef with slow roast potato, Yorkshire pudding, carrots and parsnips with horseradish cream and truffle gravy. While I wouldn’t need another option, the Sunday Roast is only offered in beef so vegetarians and pescatarians and those who don’t eat red meat be wary! 
The rump is a thing of beauty – juicy fat oozing flavour, a thick crust and a healthy pink demeanour – and arrived with audible ‘oooo’s and ‘ahhh’s coming from us. While the champagne button may have gotten a fair few likes on Instagram, it was the meat that triumphed in the social media stakes and rightly so, I still look back on that picture now and groan. 
While the roast itself would be enough to satisfy most people, we went full throttle and ordered two desserts to share. Firstly, the chocolate fondant and second, the Signature (yes, it’s literally referred to that in the menu) Chocolate Glory. While the fondant perhaps came out on top in the tasting, it was the Chocolate Glory which makes for the best photo. With chocolate Jivara mousse, chocolate brownie, berries and passionfruit and orange jelly all served in a chocolate ball which is then melted by lavishly smooth molten chocolate, it’s a thing of beauty and worth ordering for those with a super sweet tooth and for the snaps. 
This is a restaurant which embraces the fun in eating without coming across at all gimmicky in it’s approach while still maintaining a high standard of cooking. All in all, the dining experience at Bob Bob Ricard is top notch and definitely worth going along to with friends, family or for a special date night. 
Bob Bob, we’ll be back!

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