Best hair straighteners

The best hair straightener for any type of hair

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Want frizz free, super sleek hair? You need the best hair straightener for your hair type. Find your perfect pair right here...

Who doesn’t own a hair straightener? If you just answered ‘me’, then this is for you.

No longer the bulky, hair-burning flat irons of the late 90s, today’s versions are seriously sleek, lightweight wands that can actually care for your hair as you style. And with the level of technology moving faster than ever before, straighteners are becoming so much more than simply a tool to flatten out your hair.These days, they polish, sleeken and add shine, which is exactly why they’’ve become a staple beauty tool in our ever growing arsenal.

Whether you’re beating the frizz or totally banishing your ringlets, hair straighteners are an incredible tool for creating sleek looks. And with a flick of the wrist they can just as well curl your hair into Victoria Secret style beach waves.

Gone too are the days when you had to fret at your work desk about whether you had turned them off at home. Now, most of them come with a handy sleep mode and a lot of them come with a temperature gauge that work with the length of your hair shaft, adjusting the heat as you move down or allow you to dial the temperature to your desired heat. Genius!

There’’s honestly the perfect straightener for everyone, whether you have oily roots and dry hair at the ends, dry hair all over, or perfectly balanced moisture throughout the length of your strands.

Can you seriously imagine not owning a pair? Neither can we. In our beauty routine, they’’re almost as sacred as our best mascara.

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