moschino milan fashion week

10 of the most fun accessories at Moschino

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  • Loo roll handbag anyone?

    We always knew the Moschino show at Milan Fashion Week 2017 would be a bit alternative.

    Remember, Jeremy Scott is the man who brought us Barbie mirror phone cases, Sponge Bob sweatshirts and McDonald’s Happy Meal bags.

    But even we weren’t prepared for the next level of fabulousness that was the AW17 collection.

    Scott literally incorporated every day castaway objects into his collection, from tissue boxes to loo roll and shower curtains, in the best way possible.

    But we’re ruining the effect here, you have to see them to truly appreciate. So without further ado…

    1. The bubble wrap headband

    We thought we’d start off tame with this gigantic head bow, made of bubble wrap. Very eco friendly, we must say.

    moschino milan fashion week

    2. The candelabra hat

    Extra points if you can balance this on your head and walk at the same time.

    moschino milan fashion week

    3. The box of tissues

    Last minute wedding to go to and not sure how to accessorise? Just grab a box of Kleenex and pop it on your head, simple.

    moschino milan fashion week

    4. The shower cap

    We kinda like this one, very 1950s Elizabeth Taylor. Shower curtain dress optional.

    moschino milan fashion week

    5. The coat hanger combo

    The hanger makes for an interesting headpiece, while the protector covers the shoulders rather nicely.

    moschino milan fashion week

    6. The wheel headband

    Or how to make a statement.

    moschino milan fashion week

    7. The loo roll bag

    Very practical indeed in case of emergency.

    moschino milan fashion week

    8. The feather duster

    Best paired with oversized earrings, as you can see.

    moschino milan fashion week

    9. The shoe on your head

    Did you think shoes were just for your feet? Oh, how wrong you are.

    moschino milan fashion week

    10. The bin lid and matching bag

    Paired with a bin bag-effect dress, naturally.

    moschino milan fashion week

    Moschino is always an entertaining show, we’ll give them that!

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