Sarah Ferguson's Coronation 'snub' is 'not a decision the King would’ve taken lightly’, insider claims

It was reported she was not invited to the celebrations in May

Sarah Ferguson
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King Charles III's coronation is fast approaching, with the official ceremony at London's Westminster Abbey due to take place on 6th May, though there are tipped to be more celebratory events over the bank holiday, which has been extended so we can enjoy an extra day off, FYI. 

It has been reported invites have been sent to attendees, which reportedly spans across a staggering 2,000 guests. 

Among the thousands of guests invited to watch the crowning of Charles and wife Queen Consort Camilla, Sarah Ferguson is reportedly not one of them

The Duchess of York - also known as Fergie - believes she was snubbed from the event her relationship with Prince Andrew is over. 

During a recent appearance on Good Morning Britain, the 63-year-old broke her silence, and claimed her divorce to Prince Andrew was at the heart of the decision, and that it would be inappropriate for her to attend a state occasion. 

She said: "Being divorced, I don't think you can have it both ways. You mustn't sit on the fence - you're either in or out. But don't muck around."

However, former royal butler, Grant Harrold, thinks there could be numerous other possible reasons Sarah will be absent, and whatever that reason may be, would not have been one the monarch would have "taken lightly".

Speaking to Spingenie, Grant - who previously worked for the King for seven years - said: "It’s interesting that Sarah Ferguson isn’t invited as she is a close member and friend of the Royal family, including the King, and I understand she still continues to live under one roof with her husband who she is divorced from."

Although Sarah has claimed her split could be the reason, Grant has hinted it should not matter, especially as the former couple - who have Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie together - remain on good terms. 

Grant continued: "In recent years, Sarah and Andrew have become very close again and continue to spend time together and I think that’s also for the benefit of their daughters too. Sarah has been seen at different occasions with the Royal family, but notably any big public events I’ve never seen her at. 

"I even remember being at the wedding of the King and Camilla and she wasn’t at that either. 

“It could be because she is no longer an official member of the Royal family, maybe they are only inviting senior members of the Royal family or married members of the Royal family - there’s one of those old rules that people had to be married to attend events. 

"It could also be quite simply that she already has other engagements. 

"There’s only been 2000 or so people invited - that’s tiny compared to the Queen’s coronation, so it could be they are having to look at only inviting senior members of the family as I said before."

Whatever the reason may be, Grant thinks it would have been a hard one to make for Charles regarding his former sister-in-law. 

He said: "I don’t think the King’s decision would have been taken lightly because as far as I’m aware the King gets on with Sarah.

“It would have been lovely if Sarah had been invited as this is a great time to show the Royal family as one and united, but the King has got many advisors and it’s obviously down to their advice and guidance in how to make this coronation work for the King.”

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