A new bank holiday has been announced for King Charles’ coronation

The date has been decided for May 2023!

king charles coronation bank holiday
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Who doesn't love a bank holiday? Especially when it's in the month of May. A day off work to enjoy the sunshine (hopefully), relax with friends and family or go all out with the Coronation celebrations. 

Well, thanks to King Charles coronation, an extra long weekend is on its way in May.

King Charles III coronation at Westminster Abbey is set for Saturday 6th May, the same date as his grandson Archie's fourth birthday.

Now, in addition to the Monday 1st May bank holiday, an extra bank holiday for King Charles' coronation has been announced the following week. 

Up until now, everyone has been speculating whether the special occasion will result in a bank holiday for the UK. Now it's time to celebrate, as it's not just a new coin the King's coronation gets us - but an extra bank holiday too!

King Charles' coronation bank holiday will be on the 8th May 2023. 

The announcement of the new date finally comes following calls to the government to decide whether to move the May day bank holiday on 1st May to coincide with the weekend of the coronation or to announce an extra day off. 

Monday 8th May 2023 as the coronation bank holiday instead of the Friday before the King's coronation avoids clashing with local elections, two days before the coronation on 4th May 2023. To avoid disrupting the elections, the 8th May has been decided instead. 

A bank holiday is certainly in order as it is another historical moment for the books. At 73 years of age, King Charles III is making history as the oldest monarch to take the throne.

New prime minister Rishi Sunak said the bank holiday is the perfect time for families to come together to celebrate King Charles coronation. 

He said: “The coronation of a new monarch is a unique moment for our country.

“In recognition of this historic occasion, I am pleased to announce an additional bank holiday for the whole United Kingdom next year.

“I look forward to seeing people come together to celebrate and pay tribute to King Charles III by taking part in local and national events across the country in his honour.”

Get planning those celebrations...

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