Here’s everything to know about new royal tv show, The Prince

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The royals have to be the most talked-about family in the world, with the Mountbatten-Windsors making news on the regular. They have especially been at the forefront this past couple of years, with their roles elevated over the coronavirus pandemic. And with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's relocation to USA and their controversial tell-all Oprah interview prompting rumours of fallouts and feuds, the royals are all anyone can talk about.

It is a new royal tv show that has got the world talking this week however, as The Prince was officially released.

The Prince is an animated sitcom about the royal family that launched on HBO just this week - and with a star-studded cast and a bit of controversy, it's unsurprisingly going viral.

Here’s everything to know about The Prince...

What is The Prince about?

The Prince is an animated HBO sitcom created and written by Gary Janetti, following the life of Prince George, a young heir who is desperate to take on the world and be a star.

The Prince cast

The Prince has a star-studded cast, with show creator and writer Gary Janetti starring as Prince George, alongside Sophie Turner as Princess Charlotte. Also joining the cast are Orlando Bloom as Prince Harry, Dan Stevens as Prince Charles, Iwan Rheon as Prince William, Lucy Punch as Kate Middleton and Condola Rashad as Meghan Markle. And who is playing Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth? Well, Frances de la Tour of course. Casts don't get much better than this.

How can I watch episodes of The Prince?

All 12 episodes of The Prince are available to stream now on HBO Max.

The Prince controversy

A few people have accused The Prince of being cruel, but sitcom creator Gary Janetti insists that the sitcom is meant in good humour. 'I do what I think is funny, and it’s never meant to be anything other than to give, like, a laugh and be silly and funny,' Janetti explained. 'It is never meant to be anything that’s mean. It’s all about George’s insane take on the world and his wanting to be a star.'

Orlando Bloom who plays Prince Harry in the sitcom has also weighed in, explaining: 'It’s not malicious or intended to be. He’s really got his finger on the pulse, Gary. He’s so smart and so zeitgeist-y.' He later continued: 'We’re showing real adoration to them in one form or another. I try to justify it, because quite frankly, if I’m honest, it’s not like me to poke fun at anyone but it is done with affection. When I was in my mid-20s, there was so many different people poking fun at me and, in a way, it’s a sign of appreciation.'

What has the royal family said about The Prince?

The royal family has not yet officially commented on The Prince and it is unlikely that they will. Orlando Bloom has opened up about playing Prince Harry despite being friends with him, explaining: 'I rolled the dice on it, but I’m going to have to mention it to Prince Harry when I next see him, because I’m not going to be able to not. Oddly, I’m sure I’m going to see him at some point, just because of the nature of the universe - it always throws people together.'

He later continued: 'I hadn’t met Prince Harry when I signed up to do it, and I subsequently met him and he’s such a nice guy. This guy is so nice, and I think he’s got a great sense of humour.'

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