Apparently the Royal Family are on high alert as 'two ferocious PR storms' threaten to explode on them

Looking likely to coincide with The Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

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Looking likely to coincide with The Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

In Royal news this week, The Royal Family are reportedly on high alert as two separate PR scandals threaten shake the Firm.

This is according to The Express, who share that The Queen may face two "ferocious PR storms" in the coming months.

It's believed that one involves her son, Prince Andrew, and the other her grandson, Prince Harry.

The first scandal involves the sexual assault allegations against Prince Andrew. The case has been ongoing for years now.

This week, it was announced that the lawsuit will be next summer, although exact dates aren't known as of yet.

That's around about the same time The Queen will be celebrating her Platinum Jubilee. 

Virginia Giuffre claims that Prince Andrew sexually assaulted her after she was sex trafficked by Jeffery Epstein. She was 17 at the time.

Prince Andrew has always denied any involvement or knowing who Giuffre is.

The second scandal involves Prince Harry and his memoir, which is set to be published by Penguin Random House sometime next year.

The Royal Family aren't thought to be too pleased about the memoir, with Grant Harrold, an old butler for the family, expressing his personal concern. the royal butler for seven years, expressing his concern over the book’s release date.

The butler has previously highlighted that “it’s not the best timing” for Harry to release such a controversial book.

After the claims made in the Oprah interview, its thought that the revelations could further harm the reputation of the Royal Family.

Royal reporter Daniela Elser said to The Express: "There are two ferocious PR storms on the horizon."

"Key dates for the Prince Andrew case, as it wends its way through the American legal system, are now set down for May, June and July next year, smack bang right when his mother will be celebrating her Platinum Jubilee."

"Then there’s Harry’s memoir, which is set for release sometime in 2022. What the Sussexes’ Oprah revelations and Harry’s subsequent interviews have demonstrated is that the royal is yet to truly plum the depths of his reservoir of hurt and anger when it comes to his family."

"The possibility that his book will condemn the royal family and the monarchy even more than we have seen thus far looms large."

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