Queen Camilla has given an update about Princess Kate

She also accepted gifts for the Princess

Kate Middleton
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In a video message last week, the Princess of Wales shared that she is currently undergoing preventative chemotherapy following abdominal surgery in January. The royal had faced intense speculation about her health and recovery in the wake of the surgery, and while she had asked for privacy in the statement announcing the procedure there were a number of incidents - from allegations that she had been in a coma to the Mother's Day photo editing controversy - which were initially unaddressed by the Palace, leaving a vacuum for conspiracy theories to thrive

However, Kate addressed the relentless conversations about her health by sharing that she is in the early stages of chemotherapy. In the wake of her candid video, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sent their well wishes to the Princess, and King Charles said he was 'so proud of Catherine for her courage in speaking as she did'.

Earlier this week, Queen Camilla was in Shrewsbury for a royal engagement and visited a farmers' market. As she arrived, two young girls greeted her with signs that they had made for the Princess wishing her well. The hand made signs read: "Send our love to Kate."

Queen Camilla spotted the young royal fans and proceeded to talk to them, accepting the posters as a gift for Kate. She told them: "I shall send this off to Catherine. She will be thrilled."

She added to the second girl: "And your one? There we are. I know Kate is thrilled by all the kind wishes and support. [I'll] make sure she knows it comes from you. Thank you very, very much."

Queen Camilla gives an update on Princess Kate's health

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When one of the girls noted that the posters had become creased, Queen Camilla reportedly said: "I'll take them carefully and ensure she knows they're on their way."

The Prince and Princess of Wales will not attend the annual royal Easter service this year, but King Charles and Queen Camilla are expected to attend the event at St George's Chapel in Windsor with 'a smaller royal turnout'. 

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