Princess Beatrice's engagement ring has a special connection to the Queen and Meghan Markle

Diamonds are a girls best friend after all...

Princess Beatrice engagement ring
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Diamonds are a girls best friend after all...

We can’t get enough of Princess Beatrice since she stepped out in a stunning floral dress at Royal Ascot (and it's on sale).

Ahead of Princess Beatrice and hubby Edoardo Mapelli two year anniversary, engagement ring specialist, Maxwell Stone from Steven Stone took a closer look at the ring and the connection to The Queen is as clear as the diamonds themselves.


It turns out that Princess Beatrice's ring is in fact very similar to the Queen’s. Beatrice's ring features a six-claw round diamond, which is VVS grade, meaning that it looks flawless. Of course.

The ring resembles the Queen's as they both feature a gorgeous Art Deco design.

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Engagement ring specialist, Maxwell Stone, explains:

"The round diamond shoulders two tapered baguettes, which gives the ring a vintage feel and Art Deco-inspired look. For added sparkle, the ring also features small pavé diamonds halfway around the band."

How much is Princess Beatrice’s ring worth?

Beatrice’s ring is estimated to cost up to £140,000, while the Queen’s is worth over £60,000 more, with a value of £207,000.

Only the best for Her Highness.

How is it connected to Meghan Markle?

While it may seem strange the two are connected, both Meghan and Beatrice's engagement rings feature the same diamonds. The diamonds are both ethically sourced from Botswana.

Both Beatrice and Meghan's resemble the Queen’s ring, as Meghan's ring is inspired by HRH with an art deco design too.

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The difference is that Beatrice’s engagement ring is designed by British jeweller, Shaun Leane.

Leane created the ring using the Royal couple’s love story, to make the ring not only extra special but personal too. There’s no value you can put on that.

Maxwell Stone, says “Princess Beatrice’s ring is an absolute stunner. A six-claw round diamond takes centre stage, which looks to be around 3 carats."

Now that's how you put a ring on it.

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