One member of the royal family has been praised for “welcoming other women” into the fold

How lovely...

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How lovely...

We can only imagine what it must be like to join one of the most famous families in the world. The royal family is watched worldwide, and that isn't the only intimating thing. Joining the royal family can be no easy feat, especially as there are so many royals to count.

With over 35 immediate family members, it cannot be easy to find your way in; but The Duchess of Cornwall makes sure all are welcome.

Camilla welcomes all the ladies together, as Royal expert Emily Andrews has revealed.

The royal expert reveals that Camilla is "always welcoming of other royal women, she extended the hand of friendship to both Kate and Meghan – and enjoys a good relationship with both."

How lovely.

Camilla and The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, clearly have a great relationship.

Kate and William wed in 2011, after eight years of dating. Camilla was on hand to welcome Kate into the family and make sure she feels comfortable.

The sweetest part? William even made sure Kate got the royal training she needed to feel completely at ease in her new role.

Since then Camilla and Catherine have got even closer. This month, Camilla entrusted Kate to take her cover photo for her Country Life edition; to mark her upcoming 75th birthday. The ultimate gesture of trust and love. What better way to make sure the women are welcome?

Royal commentators Daniela Elser say that Kate and Camilla have become a "formidable power couple" over the years.

While the pair "don’t have much in common besides both having caught the eyes of future kings", they "get on like a house on fire."

She explains, "the point is, never before have we seen an alliance quite like this of Kate and Camilla, two women who grew up sans titles and noble lineages and yet in whose hands now rests the future of the monarchy.

Their connection was obvious over the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations, when Camilla and Kate shared a carriage for the Trooping of Colour.

Daniela predicts their relationship will only grow in strength as time goes on.

"When the sad but inevitable time comes when the Queen passes away, the coronation of Queen Camilla and later the arrival of the new Princess of Wales will represent a new era where the two most powerful women in the monarchy are closely aligned.

Women supporting women, we love it.

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