Kate shocks royal fans with this controversial remark at a royal engagement

What do you think of this?!

Kate Middleton
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The Princess of Wales has previously been called a 'secret radical' when it comes to her role within the royal family. 

Kate is often commended for how she breaks royal parenting traditions with her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, and commentators regularly discuss how she subtly bends the rules - and that ultimately her forward-thinking has put the 'future of the monarchy' in her hands

While members of the royal family rarely comment on divisive topics or engage in debates, the Princess shocked fans when she waded into a very British ongoing argument. 

Kate and her husband Prince William attended a special tea party alongside NHS staff at St Thomas' Hospital this week in celebration of 75 years of the National Health Service. 

As they arrived, they helped to set the tables for the reception and ensure that everything was ready before the event started. 

In a video shared to the Prince and Princess of Wales' official Instagram account, the couple put on their aprons and help to pipe cupcakes and add sprinkles in preparation for the tea party, which was held inside a tent not dissimilar to the one featured in the Great British Bake Off

In another clip which has been shared online, Kate and William discuss the age old debate when it comes to scones - and what should be put on the sweet treat first. 

Kate admitted: "I always do jam and then cream."

Using the jam as the base is known as the Cornish serving style, while in Devon the cream is added first with the jam layered on top. 

Online, royal fans have been divided by her admission - with some saying that they are 'disappointed', and others claiming, "I’m with the Princess!"

Former GBBO host Mel Giedroyc, who was also in attendance, added: "I go jam then cream because I think jam is heavier and then the cream sits."

As for William?

He answered: "I go with whichever is closest to me to start off."

So now you know how the royals prefer their scones!

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