A royal insider calls Princess Kate "a secret radical" who is "quietly changing the crown"

Prince William Kate Middleton
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The Wales family is undoubtedly one of the most talked-about in the world. And following their role elevation, it’s hardly surprising that Prince William and Kate Middleton, now Prince and Princess of Wales, are making non-stop headlines right now.

It is the Princess of Wales who has been making the most news recently, from the sweet moment of PDA she shared with Prince William, to her bringing their family dog Orla to a recent polo match.

It is Kate's attitude however that has made the most news, with royal insiders claiming that the Princess is a "secret radical".

Royal expert Daniele Elser has suggested that while the public focus has always been on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as the change-makers, Kate Middleton could actually be the "secret radical" operating under our noses.

According to the royal expert, the Princess of Wales has been revolutionising the royal family through social media while the world has been distracted by the "Harry and Meghan show".

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"Kate is simply nailing the social media game right now," Elser explained last year, citing in particular the video delivering homemade cookies to mark Anzac Day. This according to the expert demonstrates how "quietly radical" the Princess can be.

She also went on to praise Kate Middleton’s insistence to take her children’s photographs.

"Taken by Kate. In the guise of self-appointed in-palace photographer, she has been quietly moving the dial in front of our very faces," Elser claimed.

"Essentially, William and Kate’s former regimen of stiff posed pictures, have been supplanted by something far more subversive and quietly radical. Don’t be fooled. This isn’t an accident or some clumsy, grasping ploy to appeal to a more youthful demographic.

"William and Kate’s social media transformation is emblematic of a far more significant intellectual shift in their journey towards the throne. Basically, this is them positioning themselves to rule — and rule in a way that will change the crown forever."

Well, that's that.

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