Kate Middleton gave The Queen a very sweet present during her first royal Christmas

Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton
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The Wales family is undoubtedly the most talked-about in the world, with William and Kate's roles, now Prince and Princess of Wales , elevated as they become leaders of the family.

Their three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have stepped up their duties too, making headlines and entertaining the public on the regular with their sweet public appearances.

This has been no exception over Christmas, with the three Wales children front and centre - starring in the Wales family Christmas portrait, volunteering at beauty banks and even attending the 'Together at Christmas' carol service.

It is the Princess of Wales and her "aura of perfection" that makes the most headlines however, from Kate's multiple public appearances to her candid words about motherhood.

This week, it was her pre-royal days that made news as a sweet anecdote surfaced surrounding her and The Queen. 

The two royal women are known to have shared a close bond since Kate's induction into the royal family, with the monarch reportedly going out of her way to make the now Princess of Wales feel welcome.

This week it was a sweet gesture from Kate that got the world talking, as it was revealed that she made a special effort with The Queen during her first royal Christmas.

The Princess of Wales made Her Majesty a jar of chutney using her grandmother's recipe - and it reportedly went down well, with The Queen even making sure that it was featured in the Christmas meal.

"I can remember being at Sandringham, for the first time, at Christmas and I was worried what to give the Queen as her Christmas present," Kate explained in a documentary made for Her Majesty's 90th birthday.

"I was thinking, 'Gosh, what should I give her?' I thought back to what would I give my own grandparents and I thought, 'I'll make her something', which could have gone horribly wrong, but I decided to make my granny's recipe of chutney."

Well, that's lovely.

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