Rita Ora confirms she's married to Taika Waititi

The couple married in secret

Rita Ora
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There has been growing speculation over the last few months over whether Rita Ora and Taika Waititi had got married in secret, or not. 

Turns out, the couple have indeed tied the knot. 

The couple enjoyed a secret low-key wedding back in August last year, and we couldn't be happier for the happy couple. 

The 32-year-old singer gushed about her special day, which she has described as "perfect".

Speaking on Heart Breakfast radio with co-hosts Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden, the Hot Right Now hitmaker confirmed she was "officially off the market".

Discussing the speculation, she said: "Yes, yes, so you know, here we are. Everything happens for a reason people, I am officially off the market.

"It was just exactly, exactly how I wanted it. It was just nice and perfect. Completely how I wanted it, just to myself… It was really sweet."

Though details about the actual day still remain under wraps, Rita is toying with the idea of throwing a big party to mark her and her husband's marriage at a later date.

She added: "One day we'll throw a big party and I'll figure out a time to throw a big, big party."

Rita started dating Thor: Love And Thunder director Taika after she moved to Australia back in 2021, to work on the Australian version of The Voice. 

However, in a Valentine's Day post in 2022, the couple mentioned they have known eachother for a lot longer, and previously met four years prior in 2018. 

The pair hit it off, and the relationship seemed to go from strength to strength, as they co-hosted the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs) together in November. 

Rita recently released her new single You Only Love Me on Friday, which she has insisted is not like her own wedding, but was a play on "what could have been" in a dramatised version. 

She explained: "When all the rumours sort of came out, 'is she, isn't she?' I wanted to play on it. [The music video] is my version of a wedding that didn't go to plan. That's not to say that is actually what happened.

"I did want to play on the fact that I’ve chosen to keep [my wedding] kind of more private and just to myself a bit more but I did want to play on what could have been, so this is what I’m giving to the public on what could have been."

In the video Rita portrays the role of a bride but her wedding day didn't go the way she hoped. 

It stars actors Lindsay Lohan, Sharon Stone, Chelsea Handler and Kristen Stewart. 

Rita was probed on whether she would follow age-old tradition and change her surname from Ora to Waititi, and though she has thought about the alteration, she has yet to make a decision. 

She said: "I’ve definitely thought about it, but I’ve worked very hard for this Ora name, I have to say."

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