How to (virtually) mark the three-year anniversary of Grenfell

Online events of remembrance and reflection for the Grenfell Tower tragedy will take place on June 14

Grenfell anniversary

Online events of remembrance and reflection for the Grenfell Tower tragedy will take place on June 14

We are currently living through another tragedy, Covid-19, but as Grenfell Tower's third anniversary approaches, it's imperative we remember those who lost their lives in the blaze.

Sunday June 14 will mark exactly three years since the fire. In keeping with the past two years, it will be a day of remembrance and mourning. But this year events of remembrance and reflection will be online.

Throughout the day we are all invited to join virtually from our homes, and the memorial has been planned as part of a day of remembrance instead of large crowds visiting the tower. At 11am a virtual church service, organised and hosted by Clarrie Mendy, who lost relatives in the fire, will take place. The link will be shared in the coming days here.

During the afternoon and evening, conversations with the Grenfell community, supporters and guests will be hosted on Instagram Live (join at, instead of the usual Grenfell Silent Walk, which attracted thousands of people and is simply impossible due to the pandemic.

At 6pm, those who wish to can join through YouTube ( for Grenfell United: Online Remembrance and Reflection. This is to remember the 72 lives lost and reflect on our ongoing journey to justice and change.

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The YouTube streaming will show three Bethnal Green churches, St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey ringing their bells 72 times to mark the third anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire. The ringing will be followed by a two-minute silence and vigil.

Churches that have not signed up to ring their bells but would like to can email for more information.

Grenfell anniversary

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Landmarks across London are also expected to be bathed in green light — the colour of Grenfell campaign for justice.

The virtual memorial shows it is still possible to show solidarity and raise our voices together. Even apart we remain together until justice comes.

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