Rihanna has dropped a first look at her Savage x Fenty lingerie line

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  • Just wire up a direct debit to Rihanna at this point, tbh.

    Rihanna needs to slow her roll, our bank accounts just can’t keep up. Between keeping up with her music and the hottest new Fenty beauty products, the musician and entrepreneur has just dropped another bombshell on us: she’s launching a lingerie line on May 11.

    The Work singer teased a brand new project on April 17 across her social media platforms, posting an image of two stacked televisions. One displayed a white crackling screen, while the other showed a close up on Rihanna’s chest and the tip of her iconic tattoo. She captioned the post ‘didn’t they tell u?’ and the internet quickly tripped over itself to demand what she meant.

    didn’t they tell u?

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    After a few more days of painful speculation and a teaser video, she finally put us all out of our misery. She posted a promo video to Instagram three days ago to announce her new project, a lingerie brand called Savage X Fenty.

    The quick clip showed glimpses of the line, which seems to revolve around a pastel pink colour palette and will cater to women of all body sizes. As of right now, we’ve been treated to a few glimpses of the line which includes T-shirt bra, high waisted briefs, a very bridal silk and lace bralette set and a cut out floral bodysuit. We also spotted a rare feather trim in one of the teasers, but no word on what’s attached to yet.

    Killin it #OnTheReg! ? | #11days til the drop! | Peep tha countdown at SAVAGEX.com

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    While you can’t cop a Rihanna original just yet, you can add yourself to the mailing list to be first in line when everything eventually kicks off. You can drop your address by following the link in her Instagram bio or the one on @savagexfenty’s dedicated Instagram page, as well as naturally the website itself. At the moment, here’s everything we know…

    What is Rihanna’s lingerie line called?

    The line is called Savage X Fenty – Fenty’s a reference to her real name, Robyn Fenty.

    When will Savage X Fenty be available?

    The full line will be dropping on May 11 online and you can add your name to their mailing list for minute by minute updates. We’ve already signed up and got a very ominous ‘stay tuned for more’ message and you can bet your bottom we will.

    savage x fenty

    Where can I buy Savage X Fenty in the UK?

    Again, we’re struggling for info here but we’re going to go out on a limb and say their website when the line eventually launches. If they’re following the same rollout plan as they did with Fenty Beauty, we’re sure it’ll pop up in big retailers like Harvey Nichols who stock the beauty range in the UK.

    What does the Savage X Fenty line look like?

    While Rihanna and her team have been teasing us with dribs and drabs of the line, we’ve got a better idea of what it’ll all look like now. The line’s tickling the millennial in us with a pastel pink colour palette, with snatches of red trimmed floral lace like the cut out body suit modelled by Rihanna below.

    We’ve also spotted a bridal lingerie appropriate look below in what might be one of the most awkward videos of all time, but at least the look is cute. Also, girl is modelling a Rihanna original. I’d do a lot more than bizarrely toss some mesh around and dance for the camera in a multi-purpose room if she asked me to.

    Expect the un-Xpected ? #SAVAGEXFENTY | cc: @palefoxsahara

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    Beyond the minimal high waisted brief and T-shirt bra we included earlier, we were also treated to a lacier seamed bra in the video below.

    X stands for ALL | MAY.11.2018 | SAVAGEX.com | cc: @audreylittie

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    What sizes does Savage x Fenty cover?

    If you sign up for the mailing list online, Savage x Fenty actually asks you for your bra and underwear size and we’re assuming these are the ones that the line will be covering. Pants go from XS all the way through to 3X, catering for those of us out here in the thicc lane. Bra sizes go from 32A to 44DD.

    The bra sizing has been the subject of some controversy online, as a few people are upset that the limited line won’t cater to bigger busted women – especially since Rihanna set a massive precedent when Fenty Beauty centered around inclusivity with its wide ranging foundation line. Fingers crossed that they’ll focus on expanding the range after it all launches.

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