You won’t believe the names Queen Elizabeth has given her corgis

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  • We can't actually believe it.

    The Queen is often associated with her love of Pembroke Welsh corgis, supposedly owning over 30 dogs of that breed during her reign.

    However, her choice of dog names over the years has been pretty surprising.

    Some of Queen Elizabeth’s names for her royal pets are pretty traditional, from Monty, Susan and Holly, to Emma, Linnet, Noble, Willow and Heather.

    However, others are complete curve balls: Candy, Sugar, Foxy, Bushy, Brush, Honey, Whisky, Sherry, Vulcan, Cider, Berry, Flash, Spick, Span, Tiny and Bisto Oxo (seriously) to be more specific. 

    Yes, the Queen actually has a dog called Candy. 

    The royal pets are said to lead a luxurious life at Buckingham Palace. Their base is apparently referred to as ‘the corgi room’ where they sleep in elevated baskets to avoid the draft and are tended to by Queen Liz herself.

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    As if they weren’t already living the high life, their meals (ranging from beef to rabbit) are prepared and served up by a gourmet chef, and at Christmas, life just gets better for the royal dogs. Wait for it… because Queen Elizabeth is said to make up stockings for each of her pets, filling them with toys and biscuits.

    Oh to be a royal corgi!

    Some have even got media attention with Sugar (boasting a surprisingly sassy name) gracing the cover of the June issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly back in 1959.

    More recently, Monty, Willow and Holly made their TV debut alongside the Queen in a James Bond sketch at Buckingham palace with Daniel Craig, as part of the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony.

    Since the death of Holly and Willow, the Queen is said to have two remaining dogs: two dorgis (a dachshund-corgi mix) called Candy and Vulcan.

    Sadly, Queen Elizabeth has announced that her corgi breeding days are behind her, for the sole reason that she doesn’t want any of her dogs to survive her in the event of her death. She reportedly told her friend, Monty Roberts, that she ‘didn’t want to leave any young dog behind.’

    We hear ya, Liz.

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