Police launch drink-drive crackdown with free soft drinks

Designated drivers will be offered a 'buy one get one free' deal on soft drinks this Christmas.

Drink driving
Drink driving
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Designated drivers will be offered a 'buy one get one free' deal on soft drinks this Christmas.

Thousands of pubs across Britain will be offering free soft drinks to designated drivers over the Christmas period as part of the Government’s campaign to crack down on drink driving.

In combination with Coca-Cola, the deal will run in more than 8,000 venues as part of the THINK! Campaign, entitling drivers to buy one soft drink and receive another one free.

Road safety minister, Mike Penning, said this week: ‘Drivers should be in no doubt that if they get behind the wheel after drinking this Christmas they risk losing their licence, as well as facing a fine and even a prison sentence.’

Last year, a shocking 380 people were killed in road accidents where the driver was over the legal alcohol limit.

As the campaign was launched, the AA released details of a poll of 18,251 of its members, which showed that the most popular excuse for drinking and driving is to say: ‘It’s only down the road.’

‘This Christmas we’re proud to be partnering with the Government’s Think! initiative to help raise awareness of responsible drinking,' said Coca-Cola Great Britain and Ireland manager Jon Woods.

'Many drivers don’t realise that alcohol stays in the system for a number of hours, and they could still be over the limit the next morning when driving to work or dropping the children off at school,' added Chief Constable Giannasi 'That is why we are asking drivers to be safe, not sorry this Christmas.’

The offer is in addition to radio advertising, posters in pub toilets and online search activity in a campaign that will run until the 2nd January.