Reckon You Could Guess What The Most Searched Terms Of 2015 Were?

Yahoo's first 'Year In Review' has thrown us a few unexpected curveballs...

Yahoo's first 'Year In Review' has thrown us a few unexpected curveballs...

Yahoo has released its first ever annual trend report - the ‘2015 Year In Review’ - which revealed our most popular brands and celebrities according to search habits across its fashion site Polyvore and its own search engine.

Warning: you may be a teesny bit surprised to learn what's captivated us most this year…

Fashion e-commerce site Polyvore ranked the ten most stylish female celebrities based on their search results from January 1st to November 15th this year, and coming out on top in the sartorial stakes was… Ariana Grande -bet you didn’t see that one coming.

The pop-star (who was ranked number two last year) preceded fashion heavyweights Kendall Jenner (who came second) Taylor Swift (third) and Kim Kardashian (fourth) as well as Olivia Palermo (who rounded out the top five).

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Also featured on the list was Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez and Karlie Kloss who ranked eighth, ninth and tenth respectively.

Now don’t get us wrong, we have to give it to Ariana that she’s got red carpet game, but to beat FROW favourite Kim Kardashian in terms of search-stats is quite an achievement. Saying that, the Kardashians and Jenners still made a huge impact on our fashion radar as Kylie Jenner was also ranked as the sixth most stylish female - no surprise seeing as 2015 was the year the 18-year-old launched her own line of hair extensions, reached over 43 million Instagram followers and most recently, broke the internet by launching her own line of lipsticks. Will she ever escape our cultural consciousness? Probs not.

And in the world of men’s fashion, boy-banders nailed the top spots with Harry Styles deemed as the most stylish male of the year, followed by Luke Hemmings from US band 5 Seconds Of Summer (no, us neither) and Justin Bieber, who was ranked number one last year.

Top 10 Most Stylish Female Celebrities 2015: 1. Ariana Grande 2. Kendall Jenner 3. Taylor Swift 4. Kim Kardashian 5. Olivia Palermo 6. Kylie Jenner 7. Vanessa Hudgens 8. Gigi Hadid 9. Selena Gomez 10. Karlie Kloss

In terms of the ten most popular brands of 2015, Polyvore reported that Nike, Adidas and Givenchy were ranked as our three favourites, suggesting a continued interest in combining sportswear with luxury labels. The remaining top ten was comprised of a mixture of high-street footwear labels (Converse and Vans) and big-name fashion houses (think, Fendi/Valentino/Chanel). Stella McCartney was the designer who racked up the most interest this year (her Adidas collaboration generated the most interest on the site) followed by designers Tory Burch, Alexander Wang, Manish Arora and Michael Kors, and in the UK when it comes to general trends we search for lace-up heels and nude lipstick the most. Top 10 Most Searched-For Brands 2015:

1. Nike 2. Adidas 3. Givenchy 4. Vans 5. Fendi 6. Converse 7. Christian Loboutin 8. Valentino 9. Chanel 10. Stella McCartney

It seems the shift towards high and low brand-blending is replacing our love for the high-street. Last year our fashion favourites looked markedly different, as Topshop, H&M, Zara and Forever 21 all ruled supreme in the top ten. However, this year none of them made the cut as the sports-luxe look, favoured by stars like Kanye and Cara, greatly influenced our search and shopping habits.

Lucia Debieux, Marie Claire UK's Fashion Editor agreed and commented: ‘It looks like the Kanye effect takes hold for 2015 pushing Givenchy into a top spot. The designer at the helm of the brand, Riccardo Tisci, leads the way when it comes to promoting Givenchy - whether it's announcing Donatella as the new star of the campaign or teasing new images of the latest catwalk show.’

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And when it comes to the most searched-for terms on Yahoo in 2015, a few curve-balls have also been thrown into the mix. The tragic passing of Bobbi Kristina Brown in July, three years after her mother Whitney Houston died, resulted in the greatest volume of searches for her name overall, and technology also influenced our search-engine habits with the terms ’iPhone’ and ‘Minecraft’ (a video game) coming in at the second and fifth most popular words. And no, we’ve never played it either.

The rest of the list was dominated by our obvious obsession with celeb culture; the Kardashian-Jenner effect placed Caitlyn, Kendall and Kim in the third, fourth and seventh spots respectively (do we sense Kim’s crown slipping?) and Katy Perry was ranked as the eigth most popular term. Being named as Forbes’ highest earning female celebrity in 2015 generated even more of a buzz around her name, no doubt.

Top 10 Searches On Yahoo 2015:

1. Bobbi Kristina Brown 2. iPhone 3. Caitlyn Jenner 4. Kendall Jenner 5. Minecraft 6. Jennifer Aniston 7. Kim Kardashian 8. Katy Perry 9. Ronda Rousey 10. Farrah Abraham

And we all know that search engines function as a doctor, confidante and calendar and Yahoo is clearly no exception. The search engine’s most asked question was ‘How do you tie a tie?’ with 'When is Easter 2015?’ ranking seventh and ‘How much water should you drink daily?’ concerning a few million people and ranking tenth. (Still a lot more normal than anything we've ever asked).

And Yahoo also provided an insight into our television, cocktail and culinary habits - the most popular bacon recipe is brussel spouts with bacon (WTF?), the most popular non-reality TV show is US horror-drama The Walking Dead (good but not that good) and the cocktail that generated the most buzz is the Old Fashioned (the whiskey drink of choice for Mad Men’s Don Draper, doncha know?).

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Top 10 Cocktails 2015:

1. Old Fashioned 2. Manhattan 3. Mojito 4. Moscow Mule 5. Cosmopolitan 6. Vodka gimlet 7. Margarita 8. Sazerac 9. Sidecar 10. Bahama Mama

Other drinks that featured on the list - and have got us rethinking our Christmas party tipples - included the two classics, the Cosmopolitan and Margarita as well as the third most popular Mojito, which we thought was only ever acceptable to drink on a beach in the sun. Also, has anyone ever heard of a Bahama Mama?

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