A New (And Magical-Sounding) Patch Could Cure Your Migraines Any Day Now

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  • A brand new form of migraine treatment could revolutionise brain pain forever.

    There’s nothing quite like the pain of a migraine. Whether it’s the sudden tingling feeling of pins and needles in your right hand and the realisation that your tongue feels heavy and numb, or the gradual loss of vision that leaves you feeling like you’re in the middle of a dark room while flashing lights flick back and forth before your eyes, the second one starts, that’s it. You’re out for the next 12 hours at best – and up to 72 at worst.

    It’s estimated that up to 18 per cent of women suffer from migraines – and up to eight per cent of men. Approximately 54 per cent of those sufferers will have at least one attack every month, and migraines are the cause of 25 million sick days every year.

    But despite that, it’s reportedly the least funded neurological disorder in the country.

    Now, finally, things might be about to change.

    A brand new patch, called Zecuity, has been FDA approved – meaning it is now available to the 30 million Americans who suffer from migraines. And that means we’re likely to benefit from it in the near future too.

    The patch is battery operated, and looks a bit like a blood pressure monitor thing that wraps around your arm or thigh, and gently feeds you sumatriptan (one of the most commonly prescribed drugs for migraines) through your skin. It takes approximately four hours – but for anybody who knows how debilitating a migraine can be, and how long they can last, that’s basically no time at all.

    And it looks like it’s going to be really effective. In clinical trials, the patch helped 18 per cent of patients become totally headache free – and also reduced nausea, light and sound sensitivity and additional pain.

    Meaning now we just have to wait for it to hit the UK.

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