Melania Trump’s advice for those affected by coronavirus is extremely controversial

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Donald Trump is undoubtedly one of the most divisive people in the world, with his controversial quotes never failing to make us face-palm on the regular.

There was the time he said he should get a Nobel Prize, his statement that the queen had the most fun in years during his UK tour and of course the claim that he didn’t know Prince Andrew, despite the countless photographs of the two of them together proving otherwise.

Recently however it’s been all about Melania, from the reasons why they don’t sleep in the same bed emerging to Donald Trump seeming to make a very loaded statement about his wife, alleging that she wouldn’t be sad if he was shot. And let’s not forget her extremely frosty welcome from school children at the Opioid Awareness Youth Summit, loudly booing the First Lady.

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This past week, Melania has faced a particularly big wave of backlash, with Twitter users accusing the First Lady of trivialising Coronavirus, posting photographs of the construction of the new White House tennis complex.

Taking to Twitter after the criticism, Melania announced: ‘I want to take a moment to thank the medical staff, doctors, nurses & first responders who are working tirelessly to help keep our country healthy & safe.’

She then took to Twitter again, this time to offer some advice to those quarantined to their houses amid the Coronavirus - and it is pretty controversial.

‘While things are different this year, and the focus is to keep each other safe & healthy, don’t forget to celebrate special events & occasions,’ she posted, going on to post another update a few minutes later:

‘Consider taking advantage of time working from home to connect with your loved ones via email or FaceTime, spend time w family, or work on your well-being by reading a book or spending time on a hobby.’

Twitter users unsurprisingly weren’t impressed, expressing their criticism in the comments section.

‘Sorry but you are not someone one my advisor list,’ commented one user. ‘When did you last work a job? Pay a bill?.’

Another added: ‘Try supporting your family with no wages coming in and trump taking away snap benefits and healthcare.’

Melania Trump has not yet responded.

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