Meghan Markle’s ‘UK accent’ is going viral following her TV interview last night

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  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made news earlier this year as they stepped down from the royal family, losing their HRH titles, stepping away from social media and relocating to California with baby Archie.

    Despite recent updates on the couple’s work, launching their new organisation Archewell, the couple have remained tight-lipped since their resignation from royal life.

    It was Meghan Markle who made news this week however as she took part in her first TV interview since stepping down, a video interview with Good Morning America to discuss her upcoming voiceover role for Disney’s Elephant.

    It wasn’t her words about the Disneynature film that got people talking however. Instead it was her accent, with viewers noticing Meghan’s change in speech.

    ‘This was a pre-recorded plug for the Disney documentary, meaning Meghan appeared solely in the kind of “Talking heads” format where she spoke to an off-camera producer, rather than engaging in a two-way chat or interview,’ Body language expert Judi James told The Mirror of the recent interview.

    Judi James then went on to comment on Meghan’s posh accent, with some identifying a British twang.

    ‘The only hint of her royal experiences came in the slowed, more carefully enunciated diction we heard in the brief clips of the documentary and which did appear to have traces of a UK accent plus an Attenborough-style sense of marvel at the Elephants,’ explained Judi James.

    Meghan’s Original Movie, Disneynature’s Elephant, will be available on Disney Plus.

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