Marie Claire Mexico dedicates July issue to Ivanka Trump

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  • 'Dear Ivanka: How long will you defend your father?’

    The July issue of the Mexican and Latin American edition of Marie Claire is dedicated to Ivanka Trump and beseeching her to reconsider her role in supporting her father, Donald Trump, during his presidential campaign.

    Beneath the cover image of the 34-year-old, a coverline reads: ‘Dear Ivanka, how long will you defend your father?’ and in her opening letter, editor-in-chief Daniela Von Wobeser addresses Ivanka directly: ‘I’d like to ask you, from the bottom of my heart, if supporting your dad’s strategy is the best thing for you, as woman or the best for your country and, consequently, mine,’ The Washington Post reports.

    The pages that follow are filled with letters from Latin American and Mexican journalists, academics, and artists (some of whom are living and working in the United States), imploring her to answer questions such as: ‘Do you think your father would be the leader America deserves? Do you think the values he promotes are the ones you want your three children to inherit?’

    One writer, Lorenza Amigo – who describes herself as a Mexican-born freelance writer and housewife living in Chicago – appeals to Ivanka from a religious perspective, in the hopes that as someone who converted to Judaism, religious persecution may resonate with her: ‘I’m sure you’ve heard this abominable story of survival and horror countless times, possibly during your weekly shabbat dinners, or perhaps during Pesach (Jewish Easter), that you and your descendants must never forget,’ she writes. ‘Don’t you think that Trump’s comparison to Hitler, made several times in media, is enough to raise a red flag? Do you want to be part of this hate campaign, to be remembered in history as that hypocrite who preferred to overlook and allow such atrocity?’

    The entrepreneurial businesswoman, and mother of three, has stood by her father throughout the Trump trail, defending the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for president of the United States each time his controversial remarks spark furious headlines. At the Forbes Women’s Summit earlier this year, she praised him for his honesty: ‘He’s honest,’she said. ‘With him, what you see is what you get – even if you don’t like the topic. I think people respect the fact that he is bold enough. That is something we have never seen in politics.’ (via The Telegrah)

    Von Wobeser’s concluding message to Ivanka is clear and heartfelt: ‘It is hard for me to think that you, a privileged and educated woman, tolerates this dangerous ideas, especially as an immigrant’s daughter yourself. I understand no one chooses their parents, but sooner or later we have to understand that being a father does not exclude you from human degradation and, therefore, it’s [up to] us, their children, to [break] from them when [they] voluntarily choose that path, or be doomed to live the same destiny.’ (via The Cut)

    Now, we wait to see whether Ivanka, or The Donald, will respond publicly.

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