100 naked women will greet Donald Trump at Republican National Convention

Because ‘Everything she says means everything’

naked people
naked people

Because ‘Everything she says means everything’

The list of Donald Trump’s controversial opinions is endless, and up there with all of them is his tendency to err on the side of sexist. In fact, a recent poll revealed that currently seven out of 10 women feel negatively about him. 

Enter Spencer Turnick and 100 naked women. 

At the Republican National Convention in July, Trump will be greeted by Turnick’s latest installation, Everything She Says Means Everything, with women holding large round mirrors.

‘I could never have imagined there would be such a heightened attention to the male-versus-female dynamic of this Cleveland juggernaut of a convention,’ Tunick told Esquire. ‘But I feel like doing this will sort of calms the senses. It brings it back to the body and to purity.

‘The mirrors,’ he adds, ‘communicate that we are a reflection of ourselves and the world that surrounds us.’

Turnick usually uses men and women to for his pieces, but this time it will be just women.

'I have two daughters—9 and 11—and I want them to grow up in a progressive world with equal rights and equal pay and better treatment for women, and I feel like the 100 women lighting up the sky of Cleveland will send this ray of knowledge onto the cityscape,’ Tunick says. ‘I think it will enlighten not only the delegates but set the vibe of the weekend, set a tone.’

Turnick – who Lady Gaga did her NYU undergraduate thesis on - also emphasises that supporters off all political parties can participate, including Republicans.

‘We really are reaching out to people of all parties. This is a work Republican women can participate in. It's not so much a protest as it is a representative artwork,’ says Tunick, who incidentally went to the New York Military Academy, which Trump attended as well.

But is he worried that it might be broken up, given the circumstances? ‘Who knows what will happen,’ says Tunick, ‘I hope police participate in the project, too. I've had a lot of cops participate in the past.’

We can’t wait.

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