Marie Claire, Farfetch and Pinterest launch #TimeToShine for a chance to win a shopping experience at Farfetch

Ummm... WHAT!!


Ummm... WHAT!!

It’s that time of year again, when the ‘New Year, New Me’ phenomena fall upon us- and all over social media. What better way then, to start off the New Year by performing an edit of your wardrobe by organising your sartorial favourites. Now, a classic wardrobe is a timeless one, one that can be worn all year round but that doesn’t mean you can’t have pieces that make you ‘shine’. Having all your favourite brands in the same place then, fashion editor-approved is a monumental help to those of us that are a little indecisive, to say the least, welcome the Marie Claire Edit! The Marie Claire Edit in partnership with Pinterest and Farfetch brings you a celebration this new year with a chance to stock up your wardrobe with the latest trends. This partnership comes as a shining beacon of light as it's more than just about the products, it's about your individual story.

Farfetch- with over 700 boutiques and brands from around the world- offers the worlds greatest selection of luxury designer fashion for men and women. Whether you have an array of monochromatic pieces in your wardrobe or every colour that sits on the rainbow, it’s putting those pieces together that creates a story- one with an epic endgame. Farfetch does exactly that; it brings together assortments of pieces that encourage a person’s individuality and their own unique story and Farfetch promo code is a sure-fire way to fit your favourite items into your budget.

Partnered with Pinterest, the largest online platform where enthusiasts get their ideas in forms of pins that link back to tutorials, articles and stores among others. It is a place where inspirations from ideas of personal taste turn into purchase. It brings together 250 million people a month from around the world to pin more than 23 billion fashion ideas on the platform. Pinterest like Farfetch is also a place where individuality is encouraged as 84% of female pinners say that having a sense of personal style is important. Along with all of that it is also an endless shopping directory.

How to enter:

Head over to our bespoke Marie Claire and Farfetch #TimeToShine Pinterest board, where our editorial team has pinned together some of their favourite sartorial pieces from the Marie Claire Edit.

Now its you turn to create your own #TimeToShine board for a chance to win one of 4 £500 vouchers to spend at Farfetch

1- Create your own public board and name it #TimeToShine

2- At the top of the board write a description that tells us about your personal style

3- Re-pin 10 or more products from Marie Claire's #TimeToShine board that best replicates your personal style

*This competition is open to UK customers only, closing date is 28th February 2019, Terms and conditions apply*

So what are you waiting for - get pinning!

Humaa Hussain

Humaa is the Fashion Affiliate and Social Media Manager at Marie Claire, who occasionally puts her English Literature degree to use by writing entertainment, fashion and book related content for the site.

Having been the editor of all of her educational establishment’s magazine’s, Humaa is known for hardly making any grammatical errors-ever-and pulls out receipts faster than Boots. She has interned and worked at magazine titles including New! and Vogue and landed her first freelance editorial job when she was 18. Under affiliates she gets a sneak peak at all the new fashion collections and beauty collaborations, helping with their promotion on the site while also running the social media pages of the Marie Claire Edit.

Working at magazines for most of her adult life, Humaa has accumulated an (un)healthy wealth of knowledge on chick-lit novels, Zara’s new collection and every single show to ever air on The CW.