Lila Moss carries adorable photo of mum Kate Moss in her bag everywhere she goes

How lovely!

Lila Moss
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How lovely!

Lila Moss has admitted one of her most prized possessions is a polaroid photo of her with her mum, Kate Moss, as a baby.

The 19-year-old model takes the sentimental picture with her everywhere she goes, and is one item that will always be in her bag.

The style icon revealed the contents of her bag in Vogue's In The Bag Youtube series, in which she shared all her essentials - one being the heartwarming mum and daughter snap.

Holding the photo in view of the camera, you can see supermodel cradling her baby.

Lila said: " I think this was on my mother's 30th birthday, I could be wrong but I look quite young and she looks ready to go out. I think it's really cute."

Though Lila metaphorically takes her parent with her everywhere she goes, in the form of the photo, she wishes she could be with her mum physically all the time, so she is always on hand with advice.

She added: " If I could fit one person in my bag it would probably be my mum, she's fun and good at advice so I could ask her anything."

Lila shared with Vogue she is moving out of her North London home she lived in with her mum for many years, and will spending more time at her dad Jefferson Hack's home in Islington.

Though she will remain in London, the prospect of leaving the family home she grew up in is upsetting.

Speaking to the magazine, she said: "We’re really close. Our big thing is playing cards together – I usually win. I’m liking being at his house. And I’m excited for the change. But yeah, moving out was sad."

"I used to have an amazing view from my bath in Highgate…", Lila gushed about the Grade II listed building before she got choked up.

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