There’s Going To Be An Exhibition Dedicated To The Olsen Twins

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    The Olsen twins are fascinating. Aren’t they? Firstly, there’s the twin thing, always interesting. Then there’s the fact that they have been working since they were nine months old. They we’re earning money before they could count. Mind-boggling.

    Mary-Kate and Ashley may have a highly questionable back-catalogue of straight to DVD movies (#guiltypleasure) but more recently they’ve become staggeringly successful entrepreneurs and a formidable force in the fashion industry, so we’ll call it more than even. We’re in awe – and their layering prowess is unrivalled. They put many clothes on top of many more clothes and it doesn’t look dreadful, ever. How!?

    Do you want to visit a pop-up exhibition devoted to MK and Ash? Of course you do. And this dream could soon be made a reality thanks to two Brooklyn-based comedians, Matt Harkins and Viviana Olen.

    In 2015 these two friends set up an art gallery in the hallway of their apartment – and called it THNK1994 Museum. It’s exactly like a real museum, featuring art and artifacts, save for its very domestic location.

    Their apartment-based gallery’s permanent collection is dedicated to American figure skaters Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding. But that’s old news, this year they are planning something new because, in their own words: “this is how Museums ‘keep it fresh.’ We are a museum.”

    They seem like the sort of people you want be sat next to at a dinner party, don’t they? Because they are funny and seem to have an encyclopedic knowledge of our favourite twins, the Olsen twins.

    The next phase in the expansion of Matt and Viviana’s exhibiting enterprise is a shopfront takeover where they intend to host various works dedicated to Mary-Kate and Ashley. They are trying to raise $9,500 via Kickstater to fund the installation of the project and various accompanying events.

    If Matt and Viviana manage to pull it off they will ship the paintings of Laura Collins from Chicago to Brooklyn for an April show opening. Collins has created a series of paintings called “The Olsen Twins Hiding From The Paparazzi.”

    The Kickstarter blurb states: “Laura’s paintings tell the story of how, using a patented system of approximately 700 lbs of beautiful clothes, strategically high collars, face sized bags, and tiny house-sized sunglasses, the Olsens are able to hide themselves from unwanted photographers”

    We die. There will be many other elements to the exhibition too, including a sculptural interpretation of the wedding table of Mark-Kate’s wedding to the brother of the former president of France, Olivier Sarkozy. The installation will feature a big bowl of cigarettes on a table. Because, you know, that was the rumour. Why use flowers as a centrepiece when cigarettes are available?

    Sure, Brooklyn, USA is not very near to the UK. But just knowing this pop-up shrine dedicated to MK and Ashley will exist makes us feel understood.

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