Can You Guess Who Beat Taylor To The Top Spot? Forbes Names The Highest Paid Celebrities Under 30

They're young, rich, influential and powerful. And there's a few surprising inclusions.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
(Image credit: REX)

They're young, rich, influential and powerful. And there's a few surprising inclusions.

This lot have achieved staggering global success and mighty bank balances to match. They could live in mansions made of money and none of them have yet hit 30. Sigh.

To form this rich list, Forbes looked at pretax income from June 2014-June 2015, taking in to account touring, films, sales, publishing, endorsements and other business ventures.

The World's Highest Paid Celebrities Under 30 in 2015

1. One Direction $130m (£86.7m) (Louis Tomlinson – 23, Niall Horan – 22, Liam Payne – 22, Harry Styles - 21) Each tour stop earns them a seven-figure pay check. They might have to split this four-ways but it's all still crazy money. We wonder if Zayn Malik feels pangs of regret.

2. Taylor Swift, $80m (£53.3m) (age 26) Pop powerhouse Taylor Swift is unstoppable. Here's further proof, if any were needed.

3. Lady Gaga, $59m (£39.3m) (age 29) Gaga's recipe for riches: a 66 date tour and endorsements with MAC and Versace.

4. Ed Sheeran, $57m (£38m) (age 24) Rumour has it Ed earns £63,000 per show. Yes, you read that right.

5. Jennifer Lawrence, $52m (£34.7m) (age 25) She's the highest paid woman in Hollywood. And the only actor on the list. Bow down.

6. Drake, $39.5m (£26.3m) (age 25) He's a cultural giant whose talent as a rapper is mega and brings in the big bucks.

7. Florida Georgia Line, $36.5m (£24.3m) (Brian Kelly - 30, Tylar Hubbard - 28) We had no idea who they were either (a country music duo formed in Nashville, FYI). While we might not be fans right now, they've clearly got millions.

8. Rihanna, $26m (£17.3m) (age 27) The Rhianna effect is strong and with a hotly anticipated album about to drop her hype and fortune just keep on building.

9. Skrillex, $24m (£16m) (age 27) The Californian, DJ, electronic music producer, singer and songwriter has been credited with taking dubstep mainstream. And he's been handsomely rewarded.

10. Wiz Khalifa, $21.5m (£14.3) (age 28) Cameron Thomaz hasn't stopped since his 2011 breakout single Black and Yellow #winning.

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