Fleabag's West End finale has officially sold out and we're all inconsolable

Tickets for the stage finale of Fleabag are gone.

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Tickets for the stage finale of Fleabag are gone.

The West End reprisal of Phoebe Waller-Bridge's hit show Fleabag was announced just hours before tickets went on sale, with the show subsequently selling out within 60 minutes.

Waller-bridge debuted Fleabag at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival back in 2013, and she has since become a household name following the finale of its second TV series.

Her one-woman play will run at Wyndham's Theatre from 20 August to 14 September, for a total of 30 shows.

Although many fans are delighted to have secured tickets, the ticket-buying process was a trying time for everyone involved, and, of course, many of us were left empty handed.

If you're still feeling a bit sorry for yourself today, then we come bearing the perfect cure: our favourite Twitter reactions to the Fleabag ticket-buying process/inevitable disappointment at the show selling out.

Nothing perks us up like finding a good gif or meme that accurately reflects our feelings of devastation at a situation that we have no control over - am I right?

So, without further ado, these are the seven stages of the Fleabag ticket-buying experience, as told by the eloquent users of Twitter:

  1. Sitting down at your laptop the moment tickets come on sale, feeling hopeful and savvy:
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2. Getting onto the online ticket queue and nervously waiting for some sort of sign:

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3. Trying to stay positive whilst riding the emotional rollercoaster that is the online ticket-queuing experience:

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4. Doubting yourself as time goes on:

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5. Being hit with this crushing reality:

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6. Denial:

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7. Acceptance:

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If you're still reeling from your inability to secure a Fleabag ticket, at least you can now take comfort in the fact that many of us feel the same. We would also like to send out a gentle reminder that because it's a one-woman show, it will be sexy priest-less. Just saying.

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