Millennials are sharing nostalgic tweets about their #BiggestWorryInThe90s

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  • Same, huns.

    When you think back to the ’90s, what things spring to mind? Friends and ‘the Rachel’ bagClueless, and how Alicia Silverstone has this one huge regret about the movie? The original Sabrina the Teenage Witch starring Melissa Joan Hart (who isn’t 100% here for the new one, btw)?

    Or do you think of how many hours were spent trying to teach your Furby to talk? And how bloody cool that Baby All Gone spoon was? Or do you think back to when the internet became a thing and you had to wait for your mum to get off the phone before you could actually use it? Cue the dial-up tone…

    We can get really nostalgic about the era that brought us butterfly hair clips and Tamagotchis – but people on Twitter are instead recalling their biggest worries from the ’90s, and it’s all kinds of feels.

    Trust us – you’re going to relate.

    Using the hashtag #BiggestWorryInThe90s, people are sharing their stories and it’s brilliant.

    In the days before the iPhone reverse camera, selfies happened on disposables.

    There were throwbacks to the days before iPods…

    Someone remembered the stress of not having a memory card for your PlayStation.

    And then we were reminded of the absolute brilliance that was MASH.

    Oooh, and in the days before Netflix…

    Oh, the ’90s! We miss you.

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