Zara has just dropped a Disney collection and it’s surprisingly chic

Everyone loves a Disney collection, no matter their age. That’s why Cath Kidston’s Bambi collection and Hunter’s Mary Poppins drop sold out fairly quickly. And don’t get me started on the Primark Beauty & The Beast coin purse.

Now high-street fave Zara have gotten in on the action by launching a line of Disney and Pixar t-shirts and sweatshirts and they are so so chic.

My personal favourites are a distressed grey Lumière t-shirt, a Cinderalla shoe one with ‘expectation’ written under it, and an oversized Bambi sweatshirt.

There are even a few festive options in there in case you’re still not sorted for Christmas jumper day, like a Pluto skating one and a red drawstring hoodie with Mickey dressed in winter gear.

Shop now: ©DISNEY’S MICKEY MOUSE HOODIE for £25.99 from ZARA

Shop now: ©DISNEY’S BAMBI SWEATSHIRT for £25.99 from ZARA


Shop now: DISNEY/PIXAR© TOY STORY T-SHIRT for £15.00 from ZARA

As with most novelty tops, it’s all about how you style them, and so to make sure you still look on point, pair them with corduroy culottes, jeans or a sequin skirt to keep it hi-lo.

Top tip: go one size up as that almost always makes things look more expensive.

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