Trinny, Liz and Zara hit the races

Elizabeth Hurley and Trinny Woodall enjoy girls' day out at Cheltenham races

Racing season has arrived, and leading the pack are Elizabeth Hurley and Trinny Woodall.

Enjoying a girls’ day out at the Cheltenham Festival, the pair donned their best country set ensembles and hit the races!

And if the self-professed style setters are anything to go by, the only thing you need this social season in a fur-trim coat. Both women sported similar versions, with Trinny in navy, and Liz in a slightly sickly lilac number. 

Not a look we’ll be racing to buy anytime soon!

Liz-Hurley-and-Trinny Woodall, Cheltenham races

Adding to the list of race-goers’ style essentials, and the trilby is leading the way at pole position: both Trinny and the Queen’s granddaughter, Zara Phillips, topped off their looks with brown versions of the headwear.




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