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There’s a scientific reason why wearing sunglasses makes you more attractive

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  • That explains a lot

    It turns out sunglasses don’t just make you look better because they hide those dark circles after a night out, there’s an actual scientific reason behind it.

    Vanessa Brown, senior lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, found that shades make you more attractive because they bring symmetry to your face.

    Science shows there is a link between symmetry and society’s perception of beauty, so this sort of makes sense.

    The dark lenses cover any oddities around the eyes, making the face appear softer and less flawed.

    She also pointed out they make your bone structure look extra chiseled.

    As an added bonus, it gives you an air of mystery too, because people literally don’t know what you’re thinking.

    Brown says, ‘The eyes are such a tremendous source of information — and vulnerability — for the human being.’

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