Apparently bald headed men are more attractive, successful and intelligent

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  • Looks like bald really is better

    Bald headed men everywhere, rejoice! For a recent(ish) study has found that women find the hairless man to be stronger, more successful and therefore more attractive.

    According to Business Insider, the study from 2012 shows that women find bald headed men to also be more powerful and dominant than those with long luscious locks.

    The research was carried out at the University of Pennsylvania by scientist Albert E. Mannes. And yes, he is bald himself.

    To carry out the research, Mannes showed participants of the study a range of photos of men. The first photos showed the man with a full head of hair, whilst the second photo showed the same man but with no hair at all.

    Mannes reported that the majority of participants found the bald headed version of the men to be more attractive.

    Of course, given that some of Hollywood’s most desirable men (we’re looking at you, Bruce) haven’t a single strand of hair on their heads, we aren’t all that surprised by this revelation.

    However, bald headed men are only seen as more attractive, smart and successful if they are entirely hairless. Bald spots and patterned baldness don’t count, and actually men with these traits tend to be seen as less attractive overall.

    A separate study by the University of Saarland also found that women often view bald headed men to be more intelligent. And as these men are often typically older, women therefore deem them to be wiser as well.

    Shine on, you hairless heroes…

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