Revealed: The all-new America’s Next Top Model judging panel

The cult show returns this December

The cult show returns this December

On Thursday, VH1 released the first official teaser video for the new season of the cult model search show, America’s Next Top Model, which airs on December 12.

With Rita Ora replacing Tyra Banks, the rest of the panel – which previously counted influential names such as Janice Dickinson, J. Alexander and noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker (as he will forever be known) – includes model Ashley Graham, Paper Magazine CCO Drew Elliott and celebrity stylist Law Roach (the man behind Celine Dion’s recent sartorial overhaul).

Tyra fans rest assured, the show wouldn’t be the same without her and her smizing and she is expected to make several surprise appearances. She also serves as an executive producer on the revamped show.

For season 23, the crew have returned to New York where it all began. And the 14-episode show will feature its usual all-female cast of aspiring models.

By all accounts, having watched the trailer, it appears ANTM is still as sass-packed as ever with its ‘fashion kills’ theme music. However, when it first aired in the pre-Instagram years of 2003, reality TV was still a ground-breaking concept, so we’re eager to see how the show’s overhaul will maintain the shock-factor.

Who could ever forget America's Next Top Model's most memorable moments? Our favourite remains to be the infamous Tiffany Vs Tyra showdown in 2005. After an indifferent attitude towards the judging panel when she was about to be kicked out, Tyra screamed the famous ‘we were all rooting for you’ line at Tiffany, which has remained one of the internet’s most popular memes for over a decade since.

Set your diaries for December 12, people.

Gillian Brett