Good News: ANTM Is Coming Back! Let’s Celebrate With The Top 10 Craziest Moments

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  • Like *THAT* infamous elimination

    We’ve missed the smize-ing, the falling from heels, and tears over haircuts that were so free flowing and inconsolable, that you’d be forgiven for thinking someone had just died.

    But now, after it was dropped last year, after 22 ‘cycles’ America’s Next Top Model is returning, having found a new home at VH1.

    Bad news: Tyra Banks won’t be fronting the show anymore.

    Good news: She’ll still be serving as executive producer with production partner, Ken Mok.

    Even better news: Tyra’s still utterly nutterly Tyra, and trying to make fierce happen.

    “After creating an incredible, global brand, I am beyond excited to have the show reborn,” she says in a statement. “Top Model fans, you demanded that the show come back, and VH1 answered the call. Get ready for a fierce-a-fied rebirth!”

    “Fierce-a-fied rebirth” sounds a little graphic…

    Let’s celebrate our ANTM happiness by taking a look at the top 10 most cray moments from cycles past.

    1. The Crazy Cast

    ANTM was a reality show looking for America’s Next Top Model, but most of the time, Tyra and the judges just basked in the casual weirdness of the models. Standout moments include Alison’s obsession with nosebleeds, Jordan’s inability to not mention her teen divorce and best of all, Rebecca passing out during her critique in the funniest way possible.

    Source: UPN via

    2. Any Time Tyra Spoke

    The best part of any ANTM episode was when Tyra was onscreen, because you never knew what ridiculousness she’d come up with next. By Cycle 22, you could fill an entire book with Tyra’s Top Model wisdom, including such gems like ‘modeling is being a ho, but make it fashion’, Smize, Booch, Tooch and worst of all PotLedom.

    Source: The CW via

    3. The Villains

    With a house full of girls all vying to impress the judges, there’s bound to be some drama. Since Cycle 1 each series always had one girl who loved to stir up trouble in the house, but killed it on set. Jade, Cycle 6’s resident bad girl summed up the amazing drama in one perfect line: ‘This is not America’s Next Top Best Friend!’

    Source: UPN via

    4. Whenever Tyra Made The Girls Act

    An actress herself (who else remembers Life Size?), Tyra knew that a real Top Model would need to act in commercials and music videos. Sadly, the contestants weren’t always up to snuff, which resulted in some cringe-worthy fabulousness.

    5. The Judges

    From Cycle 1, Tyra surrounded herself with fashion experts who knew a thing or two about what makes a good model. Past judges include models Janice Dickinson and Kimora Lee Simmons, runway coach Miss J. Alexander (who always looked fabulous) and our personal fave ‘noted fashion photographer’ Nigel Barker. Sadly, Tyra switched up the classic panel by Cycle 19, including bloggers and PR maven Kelly Cutrone to catch up to the social media age.

    Source: The CW via

    6. The Entirety of the All Star Cycle

    By Cycle 17, Tyra had been through enough girls to warrant bringing back the ‘best’ of the best. To our delight, the cast included contestants who refused to wear lingerie (but were fine with a bikini), a challenge where they had to make a book trailer for Tyra’s YA novel (complete with terrible acting) and best of all: create their own music videos with the help from The Game singing the line ‘Pot Ledom, Top Model backwards’. You can’t make this stuff up…

    6. When Tyra Added Boys To The Mix

    Top Model could always count on its fair share of drama, but with dwindling ratings, Tyra decided to switch things up in Cycle 20 by adding male contestants for the first time in ANTM history. The result? A toxic mix of hormones and constant gender wars as the boys constantly tried to get rid of the girls, while simultaneously wanting to hook up with them.

    Source: Tumblr/antmfunny

    7. ‘We Were ALL Rooting For You!’

    Last but not least, probably the moment that will define the series for decades to come. By Cycle 4, Tyra was already known as the sweet godmother to her gaggle of models. But this elimination became infamous for the one time Tyra completely LOST IT on a contestant. While the models usually cried and thanked Tyra upon getting cut, contestant Tiffany took it in her stride and calmly began saying her goodbyes. What follows is a telling off of such epic porportions, you have to see it for yourself. Learn from this!

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