Did the Queen send a Brexit message with her hat?

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  • One is wondering

    After being delayed for a very strange reason, Queen Elizabeth’s speech finally happened in front of Parliament on Wednesday.

    Despite the important issue of Brexit being top of her agenda, people were far more interested by her choice of hat than her proposed laws.

    Because you see the Queen wore a hat that, intentionally or not, looked a bit like the EU flag. Which is a bit awkward when you’re talking about departing it.

    It was bright blue and featured flowers with yellow centres that mimicked the stars on the flag.

    Of course, the wonder that is the Twittersphere was quick to point out the similarities.

    We’ll never know for sure whether this was intentional or not, but we do find it hard to believe none of her many aids (including that person who breaks in her shoes for her) spotted the similarities.

    Plus, we kind of like the idea that her Madge opened her closet that morning, chatting away to Prince Philip and decided, ‘You know what love, I think I’m going to try and break the internet today’.


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